In Olivia’s murder case, the prosecution said it was “clearly aware that he was doing this so that the girl would not be with her father.”

This Criminal investigation into the case of six-year-old Olivia, who was allegedly killed by her mother, Noemí Martínez Largo, on 30 October A new chapter was added this Monday, with testimony from the Jove Hospital Emergency doctor who treated the woman being investigated, and the two National Police agents who accompanied the ambulance that morning, in an apartment on Avenida de Gaspar García Laviana in El Llano. They agreed to explain that in all cases, and as already evident in the police report, the accused, now detained, spontaneously declared that he had given his daughter pills dissolved in cola. because he doesn’t want the girl to be “with a molester”. “If we connect the custody and the decision that changed the custody in favor of the father, we can conclude that the father wanted to end his life as these pills were the only way to prevent his daughter from living with her father, as the court decided,” said Ignacio Blanco, attorney for the special prosecution, along with family attorney Daniel Labrador, this Monday. on leaving the Palace of Justice.

The statements were made in the presence of Carolina Montero, head of the Court of Investigation No. 1 in Gijón, who has been in charge of the proceedings since the girl’s body was found the previous night. For this Monday, the doctor and also the two agents accompanying the mobile intensive care unit were called, one in the vehicle, the other in the police car. Both were protecting the woman during her initial medical treatment at Jove. According to the prosecution’s lawyers’ version, conducted by the minor’s father, Eugenio García, the person under investigation was “conscious” during his stay in the hospital. “It’s clear that he was aware and that he was doing this so that she wouldn’t be with her father. And apparently the girl never gave herself a dose that could have risked her life.They didn’t even do a stomach pump in the hospital. In fact, she was barely accepted and was discharged a few hours later,” said Ignacio Blanco, stressing at the Tribunal that, as well as Daniel Labrador, “they did a very diligent, quick job and we can only say positive things.” claims to “oscillate” between moments of attention and silence.

Also on Monday, lawyers insisted at the end of the statements that the dose of medication Noemí Martínez Largo gave his daughter was “lethal”. “According to the forensic officer based on the clinical analysis performed on the girl, the toxic limit for Lozarepam was between 0.3 and 0.5 milligrams per liter for adults and 0.7 milligrams in the girl’s blood. It was more than enough dose to end the life of a minor. Forensics determine the cause of death for that dose of Lozarepam.” He reassured Ignacio Blanco.

In connection with the investigation of this case, which shocked the entire region, new statements from National Police agents came in for the next week. In addition, attorneys for the prosecution announced that they are waiting for the final autopsy, as well as an investigation of mobile devices in the moments before the crime. “Agile work is being done and we are expecting you shortly,” the lawyers said at the time, who asserted at the time that they would request a reviewable permanent prison for Noemí Martínez Largo for murdering little Olivia.

The person under investigation was deprived of his liberty in the Asturias Prison Centre, protected by a trusted prisoner and with the suicide prevention protocol activated. According to the sources referenced by this newspaper, Martínez Largo leads a normal life in prison. Since his arrest, he has always accepted the right not to testify for the serious acts for which he is accused, except for what was said spontaneously in front of the toilets. So far, it has not been decided that the woman should be subjected to a forensic medical examination to determine her mental balance – to determine that the woman is fully imputable – or to be subjected to any tests related to her. It seems that the implementation of these new procedures will begin as soon as the witness statements in the investigation are completed and the final autopsy is done.

Source: Informacion


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