Zelensky rocks the San Remo festival

polarizing debates Around the war in Ukraine reached The great Italian popular song competition Sanremo festival has always been one of the most watched and media shows on Italian public television (RAI). Ukrainian President Volodímir Zelenski opened Pandora’s box. Reason: RAI’s decision fulfill one’s wish Zelensky interfere What the Organizers finally announced at the competition will take place on the closing night of the festival on February 11th, possibly with a pre-recorded message, and right after the event, a big discussion between positive and opposite.

The debate has been going on for days. in the media and social networks. Intellectuals, journalists, activists, pacifists and politicians of different ideological orientations have differed in the past over Zelensky’s presence at a festival he has hosted. names from the world of politics international (among them, former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev in 1999). And this is despite the fact that Zelenski had participated in other similar competitions months ago. Golden Globes and festivals Cannes and Venice.

Opponents’ arguments are diverse. The leader of the Third Pole, centrist Carlo Calenda, recalled that he supports Ukraine, but “an error” Talking about a country at war during a musical event. The leader of 5 Stars and former Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte made a similar assessment. “San Remo setting? must be reserved for music. “I’m waiting for songs from the Italian song festival, nothing more,” said league president Matteo Salvini.

endless discussions

“An ugly decision,” said the cartoonist Vauro Senesi. “This invitation is war propaganda at a time when we need to talk about diplomacy, a ceasefire and peace,” said Senesi, who is linked to ex-communist left circles. “Is Zelensky in Sanremo? No”, wrote Gianni Cuperlo, the leadership candidate of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), on his Facebook profile.

Others, however, defended the RAI’s decision. This decision is not just about providing a public service.”international projectionbut it conveys the image of a country as a community with the rest of Europe. reject this war aggression and sympathize with the victims Journalist Mario Ajello commented on this anti-historical violence in the pages of the Roman newspaper Il Messaggero.

“I’m sorry for all this evil an extraordinary fighting man The influential journalist Bruno Vespa, whom Zelensky requested, is to save the freedom of his people,” he added. RAI, at least for now He showed no signs of wanting to step back. and cancel the intervention of the president of Ukraine.

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