The Sun: The bolts of the nuclear reactor on the British submarine Vanguard “fixed” with glue 17:15

The UK’s Ministry of Defense has launched an urgent investigation after workers used glue to “fix” broken bolts inside a nuclear reactor chamber on a British submarine. According to The Sun newspaper, a faulty repair was discovered during a routine inspection of the Vanguard submarine.

“At least seven connected bolts held the insulation in the coolant pipes needed to prevent the meltdown (catastrophic) of a Chernobyl-type nuclear reactor core,” the article said.

A source from the British Navy told the broadcast that UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace was “very angry” when he learned of the incident.

Babcock firm, which repaired the submarine, could not explain how the workers made such a serious mistake. Currently, law enforcement continues to restore details of what happened to identify the person responsible.

Source: Gazeta


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