Experts explain why XRAY never became a bestseller

From the very beginning, the model had problems with positioning – XRAY was called a crossover or a high hatchback. But mostly popular compared to other models of AvtoVAZ, he did not use it and gave in to other models of Lada.

Initially, the goal was different: XRAY, like Vesta, had to show customers that AVTOVAZ is capable of producing modern and high-quality models.

According to Avtostat, car dealers paid attention to it and compared it with other models.

But without the current situation (the model requires a large number of imported components), XRAY might still be produced.

In September last year, AVTOVAZ motivated its decision to part with the model by the fact that it is unprofitable in the current situation.

Consumers, given the impact of components on price, were also not very interested in such a purchase, although there were no problems with sales until February 2022.

A source: “Russian newspaper”
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: Depositphotos

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