The mural with Pushkin in Kharkiv was painted at 17:14.

Mural depicting Russian poet Alexander Pushkin in Kharkov, Ukraine informs Version “Country”.

The drawing was painted in the building of the cafe “Lviv Croissants” on Pushkinskaya Street.

The image was completely stained after getting wet with red paint the other day. Later this action was supported by the leader of the “Decommunization” movement. Ukraine,” wrote activist Vadim Pozdnyakov, “another Pushkin blushed in Kharkov.” According to Pozdnyakov, the mural was painted by the owners of Lviv Croissants.

Previously reportedPushkin’s monument was desecrated by vandals in Ukraine’s Krivoy Rog. Unknown people painted a monument located on the street named after the author.

The dismantling of monuments related to Soviet history in Ukraine and the renaming of streets began in 2015. In recent months, two monuments and a bust of Pushkin have been removed in Ukrainian Chernivtsi, monuments to the poet have been removed in Zhytomyr, Kremenchug, Kharkov, Tulchin and Dnepropetrovsk.

Source: Gazeta


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