Blow off the cliff. Poseidon is ready for TASS operation: the first Poseidon torpedo ammunition was made for the Belgorod submarine

Production of the first Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle ammunition for the Belgorod nuclear submarine has been completed. Reported by TASS. According to the agency, the first separate tests of Poseidon’s main units were successful.

Like wrote earlier The giant self-propelled torpedo, also known as Status-6 and NATO codename Kanyon, is nuclear powered and equipped with a thermonuclear warhead.

2M39 “Poseidon” is a fully robotic, high-speed (up to 200 km / h) deep-sea stealth nuclear submarine of miniature size (diameter 1.8 m, length 20 m, weight – about 100 tons). “Poseidon” is the largest torpedo in the world, it weighs 30 times more than the standard one.

Poseidon is so large that only specially converted submarines can carry him. These include the nuclear submarine K-329 “Belgorod”, which until now was the only representative of project 09852.

Like wrote earlier “Doomsday torpedo”, also called Poseidon, has an almost unlimited range. The developers of the system are the Rubin Marine Engineering Central Design Bureau (JSC TsKB MT Rubin) and St. Petersburg Marine Engineering Bureau is Malachite. In state contracts, the project appears under the name “Cephalopod” (from the Latin Cephalopoda – “Octopus”).

The Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle will pose a serious threat to US coastal cities such as New York and Los Angeles. The Russian Ministry of Defense calls it a multi-purpose weapon and claims that this device can be used against carrier strike groups of the US Navy.

The nuclear submarine “Belgorod”, the carrier of the 2M39 “Poseidon” self-propelled underwater vehicles, will serve to test the combat use of such weapons and to gain experience in operating such carrier boats in the Russian Navy. Serial production and deployment in fleets of an already revised submarine project based on this nuclear submarine is planned.

The Belgorod nuclear submarine of project 09852, launched on April 23, 2019, is equipped with six Poseidon submarines. “Belgorod” – creative development of the nuclear submarine “Khabarovsk”.

The design of the submarine is classic – with two hulls. The main power plant of the submarine is probably nuclear, with a pressurized water reactor with a capacity of up to 190 MW. “Khabarovsk” will be equipped with a water jet, which is installed on all new submarines of the Russian fleet. This decision shows the desire of the developers to reduce the noise level of the submarine to the lowest possible level.

Probably the number of the crew of the submarine will be about 100 people. Other features of the ship are as follows: The length of the ship is approximately 113 m; width – more than 12 m; hull diameter – about 10 m Underwater displacement of the submarine – about 10 thousand tons Khabarovsk underwater speed – up to 32 knots. The viewing range is unlimited. Working immersion depth – not more than 500 m Autonomy – 90-120 days.

As for the weapons of Khabarovsk, the submarine, like Belgorod, is equipped with six 2P39 launchers for 2M39 Poseidon self-propelled underwater vehicles. There is reason to believe that the nuclear submarine is armed with a certain number of conventional 533 mm torpedo tubes for self-defense. In addition, there is evidence that Khabarovsk will receive both the Caliber-PL missiles and the Package-PL complex based on the Borey-M RPK SN with hypersonic Zircons. Allows the submarine to reflect the impact of enemy torpedoes and escape unharmed.

The West will definitely need time to create new weapons that can stop the Poseidons. The speed and depth of immersion of this apparatus makes it practically vulnerable to the current generation of modern torpedoes.

It is possible for the American remote-controlled long-range torpedo Mk.48 ADCAP and the British Navy Spearfish torpedo to intercept Poseidon. But the tactical and technical characteristics of the Russian apparatus reduce this possibility.

On January 10 this year, the crew of the K-329 “Belgorod” project 09852 completed a series of launch tests of the Poseidon nuclear torpedo model, which is considered the “doomsday weapon”.

A TASS source said that production of the first Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle munition for the Belgorod nuclear submarine has been completed. The agency also previously reported that the crew of the Belgorod submarine completed a series of launch tests of the Poseidon torpedo mass and size model. The military columnist of, Mikhail Khodarenok, talks about the features of this project.

Source: Gazeta


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