Podemos and IU attend Polisario Front Congress with Brahim Gali ahead of Spain-Morocco summit

to be and United LeftThe two parties that make up the purple wing of the coalition government not only refused to attend the summit between Spain and Morocco to be held in Rabat on February 1 and 2, but are currently showing solidarity with the coalition forces. independence of the Sahara. Both formations are joining these days Polisario Front at the XVI Congress It was inaugurated this weekend by its leader, Brahim Gali, whose entry into Spain in April 2021 was a disaster. high-level diplomatic conflict with the neighboring country

Representatives of Podemos and Izquierda Unida traveled to the Sahrawi refugee camps in TInduf (Algeria) this weekend. none of its leaders will attend the High Level Meeting two weeks later, and where a dozen ministers will attend, along with the president, Pedro Sanchez.

Neither IU leader nor the Minister of Consumption, alberto garzonnor Podemos leaders and ministers, Ione Belarra and Yolanda Diazwill attend the meeting as a sign of the Government’s unequivocal disagreement with the change in attitude regarding the Sahara, in a gesture that serves to de-escalate the situation with Morocco. The second vice president will also not attend the meeting in Rabat, Yolanda Diaznor the Minister of Universities, Joan Subirats.

“Today we attend the 16th Congress of the Polisario Front to support the just cause of the liberation and right of self-determination of the Saharan people and the quest for an end to the attacks and plundering of the Moroccan government. Free the Sahara!” This Sunday, we can broadcast a message on the networks insisting that the Sahara should determine its own destiny. Participated on behalf of Podemos, Vice-President of the Balearic Parliament Gloria Santiagoand because of representation, Cádiz’s assistant was more cumbersome in IU’s case. jose louis bueno and president of International, Jon Rodriguez Forest. No representatives from the Socialist Party attended the congress.

Brahim Gali, General Secretary of the Polisario Front, delivered a speech at the opening of the Congress on Saturday. He openly referred to Sánchez’s Sahara tour, calling it “betrayal”.. “I would like to thank the Spanish Parliament for its support of Pedro Sánchez’s position. dangerous change and betrayal “It justifies the invasion of Morocco and violates international law,” he said. PeopleAlso president of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), speaking publicly.

IU meets Gali and criticizes Sánchez’s “shameful” exchange

Representatives of Izquierda Unida a We are meeting with Brahim Gali this MondayExpressing that we “reject the decision of Pedro Sánchez” regarding Western Sahara, and expressed our support for Morocco’s offer of autonomy in the face of full independence over the occupied territories.

“You already know that we are part of the coalition government – Rodriguez Forrest pointed to the Saharan leader – but weopposed this decision, and we have also participated and organized the different calls for manifestation taking place on the community side. We are in strong institutional denial of this as well.”

Regarding the government’s change of position, Bueno turned away from the decision: “I am aware that 2022 means: An embarrassing year for unilateral position change in Spanish-Western Sahara relations Head of Government Pedro Sánchez”. He also took the opportunity to criticize the change and make sure it was “a change of position”. It has not passed the Spanish Parliament or the Spanish Government.and we had to learn this with a statement from the Moroccan Royal House for further embarrassment”.

Source: Informacion


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