Government predicts Spain will set a new historic record in tourist arrivals this year

“In 2023, we will exceed a record number of tourist arrivals and spending that will bring us back to normal,” the minister said at the Hotusa Explora tourism forum in Madrid this Monday. Government forecasts show the industry will shut down this year Over the record 83.7 million international tourists reached in 2019 and past also total expenditure of 92,728 million euros made by registered passengers in the same year.

Tourism has entered a strong recovery period after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Initially, the industry relied on strong demand from Spanish clients to kickstart the recovery, but is now also clinging to the recovery in foreign tourist-related business to boost activity that is keeping its pace despite international economic uncertainty.

a recovery in 2022

In the absence of official data corresponding to last December, the Ministry’s estimate shows that 2022 closed with 71.5 million foreign tourists, regaining 85% of pre-Covid levels. Thus, the tourism industry will confirm that it is back in operation compared to only 31 million in 2021. If official estimates are met, the industry was still roughly 12.2 million below 2019 levels over the course of last year.

Executive estimates also consider: international tourists accumulated a total of 87,100 million spend last year94% of pre-pandemic levels have recovered with the effect of price increases in the sector due to the recovery in demand and the reflection of the increase in inflation on the costs of the companies. In this volume managed by the government, all expenditures actually incurred by the passengers in Spain and which have a direct impact on our economy are calculated, as well as the transportation costs that can be incurred by the travelers. a foreign airline

Source: Informacion


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