Justice sentenced a national police officer for acting as a porn actor

The Madrid High Court of Justice (TSJM) upheld a decision. very serious misconduct penalty National Police in Andalusia because you like the second activity of the actor pornographic Y thus damaging the image of the police force. This is stated in a decision that Europa Press has access to, and that the Contested-Administration Department dismissed the police’s appeal against the Police Headquarters’ agreement dated 24 November 2020, ordering the player to be charged up to the maximum. 500 euros.

David VR suspended from his post for six months committing a very serious crime by engaging in the secondary activity of a pornographic actor without previous request for compliance. In the petitioner’s appeal, her profile as a porn actress on social networks was private and not public and he did not know if the image rights were transferred to a production company, so he was charged for access to the content.

The police stated that he was not paid and he never worked as a professional, but as an amateur. “without charging for image rights or identifying themselves as the National Police or using their personal names.”

Recognized by his peers

Faced with this, TSJM judges state:The actor incorporated his image while promoting his activity as an actor, which allowed him to be recognized by his peers or the general public. They point out that the proof of this is the sanction file itself, which “wouldn’t have been initiated had the activity as a pornographic film actor not been disclosed and brought to the attention of the General Directorate of Security”.

The circle highlights in the dossier: there are strong indications that amounts have been charged for the activityShe points out that she appears to be working as a porn actress on her profile.

Therefore, it concludes that it exists. Plaintiff’s intention to pursue a pornographic actor’s intent as a private professional activity was justified.It is a reality that “a contract for the transfer of image rights referring to a single recording or performance cannot be challenged”.

He insists that by sanction he refers to the existence of a non-compliance, not only because of the paid nature of the activity, but also because it “injures the image of the official institution and hinders the full performance of its duties”.

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