Australia deports a Spaniard who tried to enter the country with bacon and cheese

20 year old Spaniard first traveler Australia His visa was revoked for violating the country’s new food safety of the strictest in the world trying to get in with undeclared bacon, pork and cheese in their trunk.

Australian customs officials detained the man in the southwestern city of Perth last Tuesday when they realized he was carrying the man in his suitcase. 275 grams of undeclared bacon, 665 grams of pork and approximately 300 grams of goat cheeseIt was announced in the statement made by the Ministry of Agriculture the previous day.

So he became Spanish “About the first person whose visa was revoked” also for violating Australia’s biosecurity laws, which impose a fine of 3,330 local dollars (just over 2,100 euros).

The ministry added that “passengers whose visa has been revoked are deported from Australia on the first possible flight” and “could face a three-year exclusion period before reapplying for a visa”.

“I hope this man regrets what he did“His visit to Australia was over before it started and he was sent back with a hefty fine,” said Murray Watt, head of portfolio.

Australia has one of the strictest biosecurity laws in the world and since 1 January, The government has tightened up violations for travelers trying to enter the country with banned food products.To keep the Australian agriculture industry free of foot-and-mouth disease and other threats.

“We are serious about keeping foot and mouth disease and other diseases out of the country and travelers should remember this when trying to enter Australia,” he encouraged “all international travelers”. thinking carefully about your passenger statements and in case of doubt simply state it”.

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