“Wednesday” Jenna Ortega leaked the truth about her dance

Actress Jenna Ortega (Jenna Ortega), who starred in the company’s “Wednesday” series Netflixleaked a new truth about her incendiary dance in one of the episodes.

Dancing Jenna Ortega in one of the episodes of the series “Wednesday” was one of the most talked about moments of the show. Fans began parodying the Wednesday dance to Lady Gaga’s song and released hundreds of videos of them dancing in the style of the heroine. The same Jenna Ortega from the series “Wednesday” gave a new interview, in which she revealed some new details of her dance. The actress revealed that she’s a little sorry she didn’t show off some more moves in her viral dance from the “Wednesday” TV series. “There was so much more I could and should have done,” said Ortega.

According to the Wednesday star, who will reprise her role in Wednesday 2, some elements of her dance were pre-planned and some she improvised on set. Jenna Ortega also revealed that the dance was one of those scenes that kept her up at night. As for the fact that the dance from “Wednesday” went viral and was very popular, this is a bit shocking for the actress. At the same time, she notes that she does not go on social networks to look at those parodies that hundreds of fans post on the network.

Wednesday premiered on Netflix in November 2022. In January 2023, the show was renewed for a second season. At the same time, the release date of “Wednesday 2” is still unknown. It is also not known when the shooting of the series “Wednesday 2” will begin, in which Jenna Ortega will again play the main role. Earlier, the authors of the project noted that in “Wednesday 2” they want to continue to develop the relationship of the main character Wednesday with those around her.

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