Ultra journalist jailed for posting rape photo of ‘La Manada’ victim

Victim of ‘La Manada’ “In the eye of the hurricane” Josele Sánchez, director of the far-right newspaper Cartagena Tribunepublished an article on his website titled “I don’t believe you”, accusing the young woman who was raped during the 2016 Sanfermines of being “drunk”. “I went to fuck” after that “Decide to drive” Along with five Sevilles who attacked him in a doorway in Pamplona. This is Cartagena 2, which OPEN CASE agreed. three years in prison and disqualification from committing crimes against moral integrity in competition with the disclosure of secrets.

The judge said that Josele Sánchez, who also shared the victim’s personal data and a photo taken by members of ‘La Manada’ at the time of the rape, “seriously disturbed” to the girl “Mood to cause harm” When she wrote on May 4, 2018: “Look girl, I don’t believe you. You never said ‘NO’. And indeed, they didn’t rape you (…). Going to a hotel with five guys isn’t for playing cards. You wanted to be cool and have one women’s liberation experience one of the most talked about or even recommended gender ideology right now” or “you were so drunk you decided to kiss with five shitty thugs. But you fucked, nobody forced you, you did it because serrano your body asked you“.

insulting and annoying

“The phrases are clearly annoying, but above all such a character is evident in the publication of the newspaper. name, surname, address, university education center of course because they are completely unrelated to the opinion presented”, the judge concludes his decision.

The judge recalls that the sentence convicting the five rapists from Seville is “beyond thoughts, beliefs or ideas, it is a legal reality”.

The journalist posted photos in which the victim can be seen being forced into the so-called practice. “Black kiss” one of the convicts, Jose Angel Prenda, adds the sentence “which has a particularly insulting and annoying character.” Judge, your daughterhad refused See this snapshot during the trial at the Court of Navarra”.

An unnamed young woman

Josele Sánchez said, “This content intent to violate privacy according to the magistrate, knowing the illegal nature of the victim” “to be cautious” Even when expressing his views on the sentence condemning ‘La Manada’: “We had some extremely sensitive factsmedia coverage, nationwide demonstrations, etc.

“All these circumstances are relevant in the views on the facts in question, in particular the original procedure. conviction Judge Álvaro Bellas adds to the journalist, “In the end, this and only this (the sentence that convicted the five rapists from Seville) was sentenced.” legal realityabove thoughts, beliefs, or ideas”.

offensive terms

The judge accepts that “it is perfectly legal to challenge a sentence, but of course the use of hurtful or hurtful language is not protected by the law, or even before someone who turns out to be the victim of a crime against sexual freedom.” publication sexually explicit photos and dissemination of data victim ID“.

The convicted person asks others to fight “against the ideology of gender” so that “men are not criminalized”

During the trial, the man, now convicted, exercised his right to freedom of expression to justify its publication, a claim which the magistrate dismissed: “A person’s sexual life is in any event illegitimate intrusions the right to privacy, which must govern any act of a sexual nature and in which case the photograph can be viewed through networks by an unspecified group of people, without the consent of the affected and with all the particular circumstances of the case”.

Posted by Josele Sánchez “ objectification of the victimbecause it turns it into a mere tool to defend the voluntary nature of the sexual act”.

Increase in web visits

He also does not believe the journalist when the judge assures him that he was unaware that the Court of Navarra explicitly forbade the dissemination of data that would lead to the identification of the La Manada victim: comprehensive information about the case. However, the defendant states that after the publication of the article, the website experienced a significant increase in the number of visits, and that he also participated as a guest on a program of the Basque regional channel ETB. Ignorance of such an important decision cannot be sustained”.

The sentence also refutes the moment when Josele Sánchez deleted the article from the La Tribuna de Cartagena website: “The accused reported that he only had a few hours left on the air, this is absolutely against the profession of the police, the media. for weeks“.

As a result of its publication, the victim “received a large number of anonymous messages over the Internet. (insults, threats, photo montages…)“affects his mood and psychological state and suffers from widespread anxiety” is stated in the judgment.

“Consensual Relationships”

After learning of the sentence that sentenced her, Josele Sánchez uploaded a video to YouTube, where she reaffirmed her post and publicly revealed the victim’s identity again: “Unlike the prosecutor who accused me and the judge who convicted me, I saw the tape there. (name) and the members of ‘La Manada’ who seem despicable to me but despicable to me. in no case were they rapists. It was a consensual sexual relationship.”

Prisoner identifying himself as “Christian and Joseantonian” phalanx)“guarantee that he will go to jail “without fear” because “I think it’s worth taking the risk of going against it” official truth that they are trying to impose”. And he encourages others to follow in his footsteps: “I beg you to be committed, to fight against. gender ideologyAgainst the extreme sexualization of society, against the sex education classes that will be given to our six-year-old children who want to teach them how to stimulate their erogenous zones. If you truly care about your children or grandchildren, man is not guilty because you’re a man…”

Josele Sánchez concludes by announcing that she will not abide by the verdict of the judge who sentenced her and that she will be banned from journalism for the next three years: “Even though I am banned with a sentence, I will continue to write from prison.”

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