The Golden Globes return in search of redemption

This cinemajust like life, it is full of exciting second chance stories.. Also, suspense and spectacle. This come back this Tuesday Golden Globes It combines all these elements and more. The awards for most defamed film and television therefore return after crossing the desert that began two years ago, just before its 78th edition, when the ‘Los Angeles Times’ crystallized the many and varied problems plaguing it. To the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). And after a year of boycott and forced exclusion, reforms and changes, The 80th edition comes with a quest for redemption.

Hollywood industry, decline in theater attendance Even with heavyweight names like Steven Spielberg or Cate Blanchett behind and in front of the camera, he seems willing to give them a chance, recognizing that Globes is always and above all an advertising and marketing tool. And while there’s still uncertainty as to how much of the “star system” will ever meet again at Beverly Hilton (such as that of Brendan Fraser, who was nominated for “Whale” and accused an HFPA executive of crime years ago, absences have already been announced). touching him inappropriately), return of glamor and party At a gala where nominated actresses Quentin Tarantino and Ana de Armas, as well as hosts like Eddie Murphy and Ryan Murphy who will accept the honors, have already confirmed their places.

to face The general collapse of viewers for such broadcasts The premiere is returning to television, although NBC, which has been contracted for ten years so far, has only made commitments for now. publish this year. And black comedian Jerrod Carmichael has been voted master of ceremonies who had a full-on NBC show from 2015-2017 but was not a name that attracted audiences despite gaining praise and recognition like an Emmy with his HBO special. The ‘Rothaniel’ he came out of the closet.

Candidates and favorites

To make the recovery, the Globes are betting on their nominations this year. usual formula. Among the nominees for the best film category, major ‘blockbuster’ films such as ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ or ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ combined them, and were not forgotten in both drama and comedy or musical. main favourites, with other blockbusters like ‘Elvis’ and ‘Babylon’, and Spielberg’s prestigious plays like ‘The Fabelmans’; Awards season favorites like ‘Everything and Everywhere’, one of the phenomena of the year, or ‘Inisherin’s Banshee’ (most nominated film: eight) or the Cannes-winning ‘Triangle of Sorrow’.

On television, the combination is similar and nominees include titles such as ‘Abbott College’, ‘Severance’, ‘The House of the Dragon’, ‘The Crown’ or the second season of ‘The White Lotus’. Nominees also lack common names in small-screen awards like Bob Odenkirk (“Better call Saul”) and Zendaya (“Euphoria”).


HFPA’s commitment goes beyond trying to attract ‘star power’ and with it audiences, Convincing Hollywood and the world that he was rehabilitatedor at least making a serious attempt to achieve it. After complaints about a lack of diversity in its ranks, the 96-member group (including retirees) included six black journalists among its 21 new members. And to decide Globes, it took 103 international votes (although those voters weren’t members), which triggered their inclusion percentage. According to the group itself, now 52 percent of voters are women and nearly the same percentage is “racially and ethnically diverse”.

The organization has also gone through a deep formal and at least on paper ethical restructuring. In the summer, he sold the Globes to billionaire financier Todd Boehly, who co-owns baseball team Dodgers and football team Chelsea. He presented a plan pending approval from the California authorities, through which the organization would cease to be a nonprofit, maintaining that status only for HFPA’s philanthropic and philanthropic programs.

Band members are now hired (with a salary of $75,000 per year and benefits like health and dental insurance). Plus subject to new rules. Their special press conferences with “Talents” ended; subject to a new code of conduct; they are prohibited from accepting gifts and have travel restrictions; they must pass a mandatory sexual harassment, racial and sexual orientation awareness course and can file a complaint with a helpline run by two independent law firms.

The usefulness of these transformations has yet to be proven. There are those who believe that the new structure creates new conflicts of interest and, for example, the millionaire Boehly also owns the production company of the television premiere and has stakes in the Beverly Hilton hotel, industry publications ‘Variety’. and “The Hollywood Reporter” and independent distributor A24 (responsible for “Everything at Once,” which earned six nominations).

But the Spheres want proving that they are transformed and relevant again. And this Sunday’s premiere can be read as her audition, as ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ did.

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