They sentenced the man who shot and killed another person during the showdown in Alicante to 10 years in prison.

this Provincial Court has imposed ten years in prison convicted man Another person shot dead in Alicante last March a reckoning, according to the sentence this newspaper accessed. A popular jury found the defendant guilty of murder and possession of illegal weapons after a trial last week.

The incidents took place at around 15:37. passed March 5 when the defendant approached at great speed with his car to the place where the victim was loading some of his belongings in his vehicle on Alonso Cano street in Alicante. Since the sentence is accepted as proven, the accused surprisingly he fired five shots, without a chance to react. Three of the bullets hit him and killed him immediately. This attack, in which the victim had no chance to defend himself, caused him to be tried for ‘deliberate killing’. treacherous murder and for this he is now sentenced to nine years in prison.

Shot with gun to mix up the defendant does not have a license and serial number has been deleted to avoid recognition. for the crime illegal possession of weaponsThe decision imposes another year in prison.

Initially, the prosecution More than 22 years in prison but to handle Cooperation with Justice determined the penalty reduction. The verdict sees evidence that the defendant called his cousin to tell him what had happened and asked him to go to the police to inform him that he was the perpetrator and would surrender shortly. He had rescued his family in another province to avoid possible reprisals.


sentence, the accused actively cooperated in locating the weapon, pointing to its location. For this reason, the extenuating circumstances demanded by the Prosecutor and the defense counsel during the trial are deemed proven by the jury, Moses Candela. It is estimated that both mitigation for the confession and compensation for the damage are due, as the defendant has paid EUR 80,000 of the compensation claimed, “uses all available assets to pay compensation to the victim’s widow and children.”

In the decision, it is also evaluated that the handing over of the weapon by the accused facilitates the closing of the investigations. “From the very beginning, the accused not only accepted the facts, but actively cooperated. the presence of a weapon that constitutes criminal evidence in itselfConsidering that it provides a connection with the death of the victim,” he states. Negotiations between the prosecution and the defense to reach an agreement allowed the trial to be held in record time. Very little time had passed. eight months since the crime occurred. The oral hearing can be held in two days.

The decision also accepts the compensation requested by the private prosecutors’ offices applied by lawyers on behalf of the deceased’s widow and children. Ricardo Martinez and Natalia Kurakova. This is the compensation 169,488 euros for widow; as like the others have €82,275 for each of the three sons of the murdered man.

Source: Informacion


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