Construction of giant SKA radio telescope begins in Australia 15:35

Australia begins construction of the Square Kilometer Array radio telescope. About informs Cosmos Magazine.

Construction work continues in a desert area near the town of Murchison in the west of the country. The radio telescope will consist of 130,000 antennas combined into a single interferometer. Because it was in the territory of the Australian Aborigines, it was called “Inyarrimanha Ilgari Bundara”, which in their language means “the exchange of the stars and the sky”. The Australian facility will be part of the overall SDG project, which includes a radio telescope in South Africa and headquarters in the UK.

The name of the project reflects the scientists’ desire to build a telescope with a total collecting surface area per square kilometer, but the total area of ​​the Australian and South African portions of the telescope will be about half that. But it will still be the world’s largest radio interferometer, providing very high resolution images of the starry sky. It is assumed that astronomers will be able to see the birth and death of galaxies, discovering new gravitational waves to significantly expand their understanding of the universe. According to scientists, the telescope will be so sensitive that it will “hear” the work of a mobile phone on Mars.

Source: Gazeta


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