this National Police and local police we organized special preventive safety device to place Alicante and Elcheon the occasion of the celebration of the football match, World Cup Round of 16 held in Qatarcome in Spain Y Morocco world cup that will be played today Tuesday, December 6Starting from here four in the afternoon. More than 200 representatives of special units They will patrol to ensure security and prevent possible incidents, riots and uncivil actions.

The device will interfere UPR, GOR, Mobile Brigade, and Air Security and Protection Service (drones) Units of the National Policebesides him, Rapid Response Operation Group – GOIR -, and Local Police Traffic, Neighborhood and USEC unitsIt will be distributed in two cities, with special attention to areas where fans are preemptively concentrated.

The operation was coordinated in a joint meeting between both the security forces and the parties. It will start at around 15:30 half an hour before the matches and will be reinforced when the battle is over at around six in the afternoon.. It is preventative in nature. avoiding rude behavior that may occuras well as ensuring that there are no incidents between fans.

Both security agencies have experience and coordination with common devices and The purpose of this operation is to prevent and anticipate a potential well as traffic units participate when it is necessary to deviate from the road or arrange it, especially in Plaza del Mar, where on other occasions fans come to celebrate.

Police warned The use of cartridges and rockets is prohibited.and other celebrations, it is objected to not be used as they cause burns and injuries and are within reach. damage public furniture.