Twitter’s new owner, billionaire businessman Elon Musk, said on Thursday, “amnesty” to accounts suspended next week unless they break the law or “excessive spamming”.

This is how Musk reacted to the overwhelmingly positive response (more than 72%) in a poll he conducted on his account yesterday, with nearly 3 million users responding: “The people have spoken. The pardon begins next week. Vox populi, vox dei”.

A few days ago, the founder of Tesla already made another one. online referendumWith five times more turnout and a very close result, former President Donald Trump, who was suspended indefinitely by Twitter after linking his comments to the attack on the Capitol, led to his account reinstating.

The businessman has shown on the social network his rejection of permanent vetoes and has recently returned his accounts to other controversial figures such as the far-right congressman. Marjorie Taylor GreeneBanned for months for publishing fake news about covid-19.

In early November, Musk announced that Twitter Will not “let” anyone who was removed from the social network for violating its rules to return to the platform until the company has a clear process.

The magnate, who bought the network for $44 billion, also said in a series of tweets:Twitter’s content moderation council will integrate representatives with widely divergent viewsIt will also include the civil rights community and groups that combat hate-based violence.”