Ricardo Montaner: “Being an artist has brought us closer in our family”

Ricardo Montaner He returns to Spain, maintaining himself as one of the greatest references to Iberian-American music. The Argentine-Venezuelan artist will have a music career of more than 30 years, selling more than 25 million records thanks to big hits such as ‘Tan enamored’, ‘Let me Cry’ and ‘Bésame’. Visit cities like Madrid (26 November – Theater Royal), Barcelona (27 November – Palau de la Música), Valencia (5 December – Palau de les Arts) and A Coruña (7 December – Opera House) on the next tour of our country.

In addition to preparing her next album, which will be released in 2023 next year, Montaner is also in the news after the premiere of documentary reality ‘Los Montaner’, which shows the daily life of an artist family. consisting of large stars such as Mau, Ricky and Evalunaand partners Stefi, Sara and Camilo. YOTELE talks to Ricardo Montaner about his new tour, among other things.

How do you feel when you return to Spain with this new tour?

It is with great desire to sing these songs that I have collected for more than 30 years to you with all my love. It’s extremely satisfying for me, but let me stop for a while in Catalonia. How much I love Barcelona, ​​how much I like it, how happy I am every time I pass through those streets. I am in love with Barça. I’ve been to Camp Nou several times.

I am in love with such a beautiful city. I’m going to enjoy it doubly because this is a place that I really like and it will be great for you to sing and sing at the Palau de la Música Catalana, which is a beautiful venue. I am so happy

I’m guessing he was excited when he told me this. Barca this season isn’t it?

I am always excited for Barça. A great team that I have followed for years.

Coming back to music, you have had a great music career in many parts of the world, but what does Spain mean to you?

I identify a lot, not only with the Spaniards, but also with the number of people who had to migrate for different reasons. Many Latin people live there. I identify a lot with the way my Galician grandmother always told me about her land and what her life was like when she was little, and one starts to connect with her. My grandmother, named Atrio, always made us eat little things about her. It comes from the DNA of every single one of us living in Latin America.

Recently, he released ‘I miss you’ which is a preview of his new album. Many people say it’s your turn to the pop ballad, the genre for which it’s known. What will your new album be like? Will it be completed in this way?

A few singles are coming before the album, which will be released next year. The entire album will be practically devoted to this rejected romantic love. It is filled with sadness on one side, hope and longing on the other. It’s part of the raw material with which I approached music from the very beginning.

When I was told that he was returning to folk songs, it was because I made a tango album by paying homage to my grandfather and father first. I also released an album dedicated to the soul, completely faith-based and exactly like that. So of course I’m going back to the romantic songs that introduced me to Latin America three years later.

So a return to his musical roots?

Definitely. A return to the beginning of my career, which I built on the foundations of romance and grudge.

It has sold a total of 25 million copies during its career. Does that mean more security or more pressure when making a new album?

I understand that when you’ve had a career this long, there are certain things you trust, like a public that supports you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a commitment to continue to improve as time goes on. expense.

There has to be something on this album that attracts people’s attention. It happened to me with the last album of the aforementioned ballads. It gave me immense pleasure with my audience. So, it’s exactly about doing things that, through the respect one has for the public, that somewhat mark the evolution one can have. Remember that times change. From the moment I started, the structure of the ballad has changed. It used to be verse-chorus-chorus, and the song is dead. Today, there are elements such as the front choir. Of course, one has to evolve.

At the beginning of November, ‘Los Montaner’ premiered. Disney+Ricky and Nau is a reality documentary that shows the daily life of Eva Luna, Camila, you and your partner Marlene Rodríguez and her family. How did this idea come about and how did you achieve it, because you’re all artists and it’s hard to balance your schedules?

We all have our ups and downs all the time. As you said, it is very difficult to balance the programs, but we succeeded.

The idea started 18 years ago when my mother Nona was still living with us. May he rest in peace now, he is in heaven. She was of Italian descent. My grandmother was Sicilian and my grandfather Montaner Catalan. It was very special and funny without realizing it. He made us laugh a lot with everything, so much that we said we should save this business and that’s how we started. We recorded something and laughed without her noticing. This idea was transitioning, waiting for the moment to come true. Now my children are grown. We have many more items that can help with the excuse to make a documentary. They all have their own careers. Eva Luna is with Camilo, Mau and Ricky are with them. My daughter-in-law, my wife, who has had a wonderful career as a filmmaker and writer. Today, there are more excuses and reasons why we should do something like we do.

Then one day people from Disney+ come and tell us they want to be the showcase for this project. It was a huge pleasure for us because I think there is no better way to show our family’s daily life than Disney+.

to be a family artists Did it bring you closer together?

I think so because apart from the immense love we have, we have something in common. There are common themes. My house was always messy because you were walking through a room and Mau was playing the drums. In the other, Ricky plays on his electric guitar. Next to me is Eva Luna with piano lessons. My house has always been very noisy. Frankly, this has brought us much closer together.

you became the coach’Soundin Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. Do you want to be in the Spanish version? And another talent jury?

I love these formats. I’m in love with this genre. I love discovering and listening to new talents. I did ‘Idol’ at a time when he was very strong in America and I’ve already done ‘La voz’ 10 times between Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. Also, as a producer, I like to give them the opportunity to make their first record. marks. So absolutely. If it comes, you’ll make me live there. Any excuse to be in that beautiful land is fine.

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