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A few weeks ago I flew to Iran with no idea of ​​the Persian language and, judging by the protest footage circulating on the nets, the belief that the Iranian regime was flying to Iran. ayatollahs barely separated a few prayers Fifteen days later I came back with a hello and goodbye in old Persian, but demonstrations which has marked the country’s capital and other cities for more than two months and is already causing several hundred dead and close two thousand prisoners (Although The number of detainees exceeds 15,000) is not a symptom of a disease. A sneeze. Notification of an ailment. a chance Diagnosis While evil can turn into something serious, it is far from eliminating its successors. Khomeini and the laws of their ancestors.

Women outside the Imam Zadeh Saleh Mosque in northern Tehran. GN

Some restrictive rules are more medieval (some currently have a calendar of around the year 1401) than a country rich in resources and with a young, educated and enterprising population. 40 years who has endured this hardship islamic republic He has managed to develop an innate talent for navigating between two waters

During the forty years of enduring the Islamic Republic, Iranians have developed their innate capacity to lead a dual life: an outside life where ancestral rules are followed, and a life done inside.

What is in sight is where anachronistic rules that are devoid of rationality are enforced, which compels women to do so. cover hair, elbows and butt in public (three Cs) argue to avoid sensual provocations (sic). underwear stores and women’s clothing has nothing to envy even the most daring of their hated enemies in the West.

Or, in this case, prohibition of drinking or eating pork, regardless of gender, and other related restrictions Shiism Since Khomeini expelled the last Shah in 1979, Reza Pahlavi married to attractive farah diba, all Iranians were vaccinated intravenously by legal obligation. And yet, there aren’t many believers praying in mosques that seem to be reserved almost exclusively for worship. a few touristsmostly Russiansthat these turbulent times dared to visit the country.

Panoramic view of Shiraz fort one afternoon this November. GN

It’s a life, he said, the outer life. And then there’s something else, more real but outcast, running. insideWhere the habits and customs of the Iranians are hardly different from those of any Spaniard. Generous, hospitable, loves to socialize, talk… long after dinner What’s happening soft drinks, malt (roasted barley), and meals washed down with more than doughA beverage based on yogurt, mineral water and salt, very popular in Iran and other countries in the region.

sad Iranian gardens metaphor, where life, beauty, is hidden behind an impenetrable wall that protects it from outside gaze. But you can’t enjoy it unless you’re in it.

Mannequins display models of bed linen in a shop in Isfahan. GN

That’s why on the streets “morality police” Eager to ensure compliance with these atavistic norms, keep a keen eye, even Punishing women who go without a veil in their car, handkerchiefs are hung in houses, they are drunk beer, to come and other alcohols with a higher alcohol content are eaten ham and other pork derivatives, music is heard and Dance like there’s no tomorrow. And unlike other countries with dictatorial governments, they openly criticize a regime they want to end, a regime that for a while they admit with a feeling of resignation to anger.

Girls in a restaurant in Tehran with a sign showing mandatory use of the veil. GN

To give an example of where Iranian alignment with the Ayatollahs is going at the moment, calls to join the ranks of the already retired security forces have been repeatedly rejected. And that’s how it is, even though they know they’re risking their pensions with their rejection.

They are called to strengthen. Police exhausted after two months of protestsSince his death in mid-September, aged 22 Masha Eminand in police custody for wearing the wrong veil.

Two men are driving a motorcycle past the US Embassy in Tehran. GN

is he blast pouring into the streets thousands of teenagers and adolescents that The death of this Kurdish girl who was allegedly beaten by the policewill never be clarified, they are demonstrating every other day both in Tehran and other parts of the country, they are more or less divided into groups, but without a leader channeling this discomfort and alternative the regime is serious about what the supreme leader is for. Khamenei.

There is no inside or outside of the country. as much as Shah’s eldest son We applaud the women’s revolution against the headscarf american exile, He has been where he has been since the Ayatollahs expelled his family from Iran forty years ago.

Since the death of the Kurdish youth who was allegedly beaten by the police, young people have been demonstrating in small numbers in groups, but there is no leader to channel this discontent.

In favor of the driving force of the struggle, most absolute orphan and deconstructed youth is liberated, where it is shouted with the same desire “Women, life and freedom” He “Death to the dictator” Yes, they count as the reckless daredevil of his age. discontent This makes me wonder how, despite the regime’s attempts to cut the internet, the lives of millions of boys, and above all, girls, in an important part of the world, cannot be the same. So the struggle is common.

Newspapers in the Tehran kiosk. Since the protests began, the media outlets most critical of the regime have been shut down, leaving only the relevant ones. Good game

But no matter how strong the body of the protest, at least not so big on the ground for the time being, it’s hard to blow up a regime that some of the most optimistic insist on without its head. protesters’ resistance “If you keep the tension high February It is likely to begin to crack,” they assure, without discussing too well why this period will be big enough to swallow up forty years of violent Islamism.

A new act of struggle designed by youth, consisting of mischief. carelessly remove the turban from the mullahs walking down the street gives an idea of ​​the bias of these protests. scarf blowing in the windthe most symbolic weapon the protesters face paint and pellet shotsat the same time shooting ammunition which means that the number of victims has not stopped increasing.

A mullah walks in the courtyard of Imam Khomeini Mosque in Isfahan. GN

Without overlooking the penalties expected in a country that shows signs of tremors when it comes to enforcement. death penalty and that it does not hesitate to use it as another tool to stop the protests. for now six dictated and the trials, as they say, have only just begun.

Balochistan and Kurdistan

However, the situation is not the same in the capital, concentrations are mainly concentrated in the wealthy northern region, universities and other education centers. Balochistan or Kurdistanlocated in the southeast and northeast of the country, with a Sunni majority, where exactly Two Spaniards arrested those who remain in prison without any judicial control (Man from Madrid santiago sanchez41 years old and Galician Maria Baneira d.and 24) and that the pressure is particularly harsh. The regions where the regime unconditionally caused ruthless deaths are counted as tens per week.

And in the middle of this desolation, the courage of thousands of women who do not hesitate to exchange ideas with their peers, whether covered or not, knowing the smile and the victory sign stretching the fingers in the form of veins close to the heart. As if dictatorships could be overthrown with these small gestures. Or is it possible?

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