This is the Wagner group that the European Parliament wants to put on the EU terror list.

answer wagne groupled by r Evgeny Prigozhinto the statement European Parliament It didn’t take long for Russia to be recognized as a state that supports terrorism: the European Parliament will hold a speech this Thursday. bloody mace in a violin case. there is a vehicle Wagner’s symbols and a mountain skulls was recorded. The blood found in the handle of the same instrument, falseAlthough it sends a very clear signal as it is a reference to the latest developments execution of a deserterYevgeny Nuzhin.

The same Prigozhin, nicknamed “chef putin Because of his closeness to the Russian president and his previous job as a supplier to the Kremlin, he celebrated his execution with beatings and called him “Nuzhin.” betrayed his comrades and his people”. However, he United States of America the same murder without providing evidence. a deceased prisoner He was enlisted from a Russian prison and enlisted to go to the Ukrainian front, but chose to escape and lived in the Ukrainian capital for a time until he was found and killed. There are lots of videos you’ve seen Wagner leadersHe recruits prisoners from prisons in different regions of Russia, including someone similar to Prigozhin himself, and after six months at the front he promises freedom, while receiving a higher-than-expected salary. national average.

“Patriots Group”

Until recently “Putin’s cook” denied be a part of or participate in Wagner’s creationAlso known as “orchestra” anyone “musicians“He goes so far as to condemn those who made this relationship. He admitted at the end of September of this year that he was not only a part of it, but also an important actor in its formation. I started collecting. From this time on May 1, 2014, a patriots group The one who would later be named was born. wagner group“.

The choice of this name is not accidental, German composer Richard Wagner it was one of my favorites Adolf Hitler and some members of this group have openly expressed their commitment to ultra imagination by wearing it. swastikas, black suns and other Nazi symbols. This is, for example, the case of one of the leaders, Dmitry Utkinthose who have tattoos such as the eagle or the SS symbol. Moscow officially denied the existence of this group, but went even further. introduce yourself on the streets of Russia to grow their ranks.

Same way academy -formerly known as … black water– He plays for the United States, Wagner does it for Russia. Its existence is confirmed in different countries of the world, including. Mali, Sudan, Madagascar, Libya, Venezuela, Mozambique and Ukrainewhile other countries like Burkina Faso They are ready to work with the group to fight Islamist militants. Many are accused crimes against humanity and war in different countries. Inside Syriaamong others behead a civilian. Inside Central African RepublicRussian journalists are investigating his possible crimes they were killed before you finish your job. They were looking for information about the killing of more than 70 civilians in the country. Inside Ukraine, German intelligence points to them responsible for Bucha’s deaths.

However, they enjoyed propaganda films benevolent or most recent case towards them, as in the movie “Turista” (2021), about an “epic mission” in the Central African Republic, RT documentary ‘Grupo Wagner, contract with the homeland’, emphasized by the group itself: “Perhaps the only unanimous certainty about the Wagner Group is its effectiveness in war.”

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