As Bestas won the nomination for the Feroz Awards to be given in Zaragoza.

‘as monsters’A film directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen and written by Isabel Peña from Zaragoza, ‘Alcarrás’ directed by Carla Simón and ‘Five little wolves’, Start as big favorites, by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa Feroz Awards, after the nominations announced recently… Pablo Gargallo museum in Zaragoza. Three productions compete for the most important awards: best dramatic film, best directing and best screenplay.

on his behalf “mother”from Aragon Pilar PalomeroIt failed to make it to the best picture and best screenplay nominations and will have to settle for three nominations: best director, best lead actor (Carla Quílez) and best supporting actress (Ángela Cervantes).

Other Aragonese candidates, Isabel Peña herself (series script for her work on ‘Apagón’), Jorge Fuembuena (best poster for ‘Cerdita’) and Carla Perez de Albeniz (better dramatic series for ‘Rapa’ of which he is one of the producers).

has been actors Mina El Hammani and Carlos Cuevas, accompanied by AICE president María Guerra; and Sara Fernández, deputy mayor of Zaragoza; the responsible for announcing this year’s nominees.

Feroz Awards premiere will be held in Istanbul. multipurpose room Zaragoza Auditorium next January 28. It is already known that Pedro was on that day. Almodóvar will receive Ferocious of Honor. This will therefore be the second (and consecutive) occasion for the city to host the main stars of Spanish cinema at a gala that has made an impact of 8 million euros for the city’s image, according to a study commissioned by the municipality. 2021

“It’s a pleasure to be back in Zaragoza just to celebrate the Feroz awards.He reassured María Guerra, president of the Spanish Association of Cinematographic Informants. “Zaragoza is an example of a vibrant city open to multidisciplinary dialogue that cinema offers.. In these 10 years of the Feroz Awards, the audio-visual sector has flourished and we have had the honor of accompanying this transformation and public relations of movies and TV series. “Zaragoza is the best possible setting for this celebration.”

best dramatic movie

“Alcarras”. Producer: Stefan Schmitz, Maria Zamora, Tono Folguera, Sergi Moreno

“Like animals”. Produced by Ignasi Estapé, Sandra Tapia, Ibon Cormenzana, Eduardo Villanueva

“Five little wolves”. Producer: Manu Calvo, Nahikari Ipiña, Marisa Fernández Armenteros

‘Model 77’. Produced by José Antonio Felez, Domingo Corral, Gervasio Iglesias, Alberto Felez

“One year, one night”. Producer: Ramon Campos, Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Jérôme Vidal, Isa


best comedy movie

‘Official competition’. Producer Jaume Roures

“Fourth passenger”. Producer: Álex de la Iglesia, Carolina Bang, Álvaro Augustín, Ghislain


“You should come to see him.” Produced by Javier Lafuente, Jonas Trueba

“Vasil”. Produced by Miriam Porté, Mina Mileva, Vesela Kazakova

“I’m going to have a good time.” Produced by Enrique López Lavigne, Diego Suárez Chialvo, Pablo Cruz

best direction

Pilar Palomero for ‘La Maternal’

Carlota Pereda for ‘Cerdita’

Alauda Ruiz de Azúa for ‘Five little wolves’

Carla Simon for ‘Alcarràs’

Rodrigo Sorogoyen for ‘As bestas’

Best Actress in a Motion Picture

Anna Castillo for “Wild Sunflowers”

Laia Costa for ‘Five little wolves’

Laura Galán for ‘Cerdita’

Marina Foïs for ‘As bestas’

Carla Quilez for ‘La Maternal’

Best Actor in a Motion Picture

Karra Elejalde for ‘Vasil’

Miguel Herran for ‘Model 77’

Denis Ménochet for ‘As bestas’

Nahuel Pérez Biscayart for ‘One year, one night’

Nacho Sánchez for ‘Manticore’

Luis Tosar ‘In the margins’

Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture

Adelfa Calvo “In the margins”

Angela Cervantes for ‘La Maternal’

Carmen Machi for ‘Pig’

Susi Sánchez for ‘Five little wolves’

Emma Suárez for ‘The Rite of Spring’

Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture

Diego Anido for ‘As bestas’

Ramón Barea for ‘Five little wolves’

Jesus Carroza for ‘Model 77’

Oriol Pla for ‘Wild Sunflowers’

Luis Zahera for ‘As bestas’

Best Screenplay for a Movie

Carla Simón, Arnau Vilaró for ‘Alcarràs’

Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Isabel Peña for ‘As bestas’

Carlota Pereda for ‘Cerdita’

Alauda Ruiz de Azúa for ‘Five little wolves’

Fran Araújo, Isa Campo, Isaki Lacuesta for ‘One year, one night’

best original music

Olivier Arson for ‘As bestas’

Aránzazu Calleja for ‘Five little wolves’

Fernando Velázquez, for ‘God’s crooked lines’

Julio de la Rosa for ‘Model 77’

Raül Referee for ‘One year, one night’

best trailer

Miguel Ángel Trudu for ‘As bestas’

Marta Longás for the latest trailer for ‘Cerdita’

Miguel Ángel Trudu for ‘Mantícore’

Aitor Tapia for ‘Model 77’

Jordi Rins for ‘God’s crooked lines’

best poster

Jordi Rins for the final poster of Lucía Faraig As bestas

Eduardo Garcia, Jorge Fuembuena for ‘Cerdita’

Gonzalo Rute, Quim Vives for ‘Wild Sunflowers’

Mica Murphy for the final poster of ‘The Rite of Spring’

Carlos Vermut for ‘Manticore’

Best Drama Series

“Garcia!” Produced by Miguel Salvat, Steve Matthews, Antonio Asensio, Paloma Molina

“Blackout”. Produced by Domingo Corral, Ignacio Corrales, Fran Araújo, Rafael Portela

‘Privacy’. Produced by Marian Fernandez Pascal, Jorge Torregrossa, Laura Sarmiento

‘Route’. Producers: Montse Garcia, Eduardo Villanueva, Nacho Lavilla

“Report”. Producer: Domingo Corral, Alfonso Blanco, Carla Pérez de Albéniz, Susana Herreras

Best Comedy Series

‘Self-defense’. Producer: Bernat Manzano, Montse Pujol Solà, Miguel Ángel Blanca

‘Easy’. Produced by Sandra Hermida, Anna R. Costa, Domingo Corral, Fran Araújo

“Last in line”. Produced by Cristina del Campo

“I don’t like to drive.” Producer: Jose Skaf, Guillermo Farré, Nahikari Ipiña, Borja Cobeaga

Best Actress in a Series

Nerea Barros for the Gypsy Bride

Itziar Ituño for ‘Intimacy’

Monica Lopez for ‘Rapa’

Nathalie Poza for ‘Unity’

Claudia Salas for ‘The Route’

Best Actor in a Series

‘I don’t like to drive’ for Juan Diego Botto

Luis Callejo for ‘Darkness’

Javier Cámara for “Rapa”

Álex García for ‘Immortal’

Álex Monner for ‘The Route’

Best Supporting Actress in a Series

Marian Álvarez for ‘Unity’

Elisabet Casanovas for ‘The Route’

Coria Castillo for ‘Easy’

Patricia López Arnaiz for ‘Sincerity’

Lucía Veiga for ‘Rapa’

‘I don’t like to drive’ for Leonor Watling

Best Supporting Actor in a Series

Jesús Carroza for ‘The Dark’

Ricardo Gómez for ‘The Route’

‘¡Garcia!’ for Emilio Gutierrez Caba

David Lorente, ‘I don’t like to drive’

Vicente Romero for ‘The Gypsy Bride’

Luis Zahera for ‘Unity’

Best Screenplay for a Series

Isabel Peña, Alberto Marini, Fran Araújo, Rafael Cobos, Isa Campo for ‘Apagón’

Berta Prieto, Belén Barenys, Miguel Ángel Blanca for ‘Self Defense’

Anna R. Costa, Cristina Pons for ‘Easy’

Verónica Fernández, Laura Sarmiento, José Luis Martín for ‘Intimacy’

Borja Soler, Roberto Martín Maiztegui, Clara Botas, Silvia Herreros de Tejada for ‘La ruta’

Source: Informacion


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