RTVE will premiere Benidorm Fest 2023 songs in December: this is the day chosen

A little over two months before the start of its second edition Benidorm FestivalThe expectation is maximum among the followers of the format and Eurovision.

One of RTVE’s best kept secrets is the songs from the 18 selected artists, but the wait is almost over. Topics desiring to represent Spain in the European competition, as public television explained They can be heard from the next 19 December..

TVE will celebrate that day a press conference attended by participants so they can share their first feelings with the media after learning about their offer.

At another meeting with journalists on November 2, the candidates announced the names of their songs: ‘Quiero arder’ suffering; ‘As long as you are’ alfred garcia; ‘I would like to’ Alice Wonder; ‘Flamenco’ Aritz Aren; ‘EaEa’, from White Dove; “Wow!” from the girl group E’ffemme; by ‘La Lola’ Reputed; ‘my family’ Fusa Night; By ‘Winters on Mars’ José Otero; ‘I want and mourn’ Karmento; “arcadia” Megara; ‘They can’t move us’ angels; ‘traction’ Rakky Ripper; ‘air’ Sharonne; ‘What a slave tot’ side area; ‘Tuki’ Sofia Martin; by ‘Sayonara’ Twin Melody; and ‘Nochetera’ vicco.

The semi-finals of Benidorm Fest will be held on: January 31 and February 2if the grand finale February 4. It should not be forgotten that the tickets for that last day, when we will learn the name of the winner, were sold out in seconds.

For this reason, public television announced that it will give two double tickets on very special dates: During the Christmas Lottery broadcast on December 22; Chimes, on 31 December; and the Three Kings Parade on January 5.

Benidorm Fest continues to collect awards after being the music and television phenomenon of the year. Following the audience and the Eurovision third place victory by Chanel and ‘SloMo’, added three new awards to the list of winners this week.: Trio at the Iris Academy Awards for best programme, best production and the critics’ award in 2022 “for being a transmedia event that rekindles the Eurovision brand and values ​​RTVE’s public service work”.

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