Black Friday is coming: these are the best loans to finance your purchases

this Black Friday A day full of discounts is just around the corner when consumers often find the opportunity to pamper themselves and start buying Christmas gifts…

In fact, according to a study by financial comparison expert Banqmi, the top buyers on this day of discounts are Hispanics aged 26 to 45 (they make up 50.10% of all consumers) and by gender, women (56.70%) continue to buy more than men (43.30%).

A person may want to take advantage of Black Friday, but may not have enough money to buy what they have in mind. That’s exactly why they exist the loans, to help people at a particular time. That’s why Banqmi analyzed the financial market to provide the best loans of the moment.

Currently the best can be found at: the Sabadell Bank. They each have a pre-approved loan of up to 60,000 Euros for their customers, which will be tailored to their profile (four different options) if the concession criteria are met. This means that the organization does not need to conduct a study of users, provide documentation or meet any special requirements. It is given now. This loan has an interest rate of 3.95% and an interest rate of 4.49%.

This product must be requested through Banco Sabadell’s digital channels, the user area of ​​the website, or through the application.

Another bank lending BBVA. It has a TIN of 7.70% and an APR of 8.83% and can be claimed up to €75,000 with a maximum payback period of 8 years.

this Requirements Complying with this status is to do the payroll with BBVA resident and have at least a three-year account.

latter, bank norway It provides loans between 500 and 50,000 Euros with 8.99% TIN and 9.73% TAE interest. All this provided that the user has a regular income, is not involved in a default filing and is at least 23 years old.

we must not forget Younited Credit. It has a flat rate loan with 7.55% TIN and 7.99% APR. To achieve this with these conditions, it will be necessary to have an identity document, proof of income, proof of bank ownership and bank statement.

Some people aren’t particularly inclined to apply for loans, but it’s not the only way to finance purchases. Credit cards are an alternative to provide convenient and secure financing.

Works at Banco SabadellFor example, when making a contract with a pre-approved credit card, it provides 5% unlimited cashback on all purchases made before January 5, 2023. It also offers the opportunity to make instant transactions with a virtual card.

On the other hand, some stores (Zara, Mango, Cortefiel…) offer loyalty cards. It is the card that allows you to finance your shopping from these stores. However, it should be borne in mind that the longer it takes to return the money used, the more interest we will have to charge.

In short, if what a person wants is to take advantage of Black Friday to finish off their pending purchases, they can use it. Any of the mentioned financial instruments. The most important thing is to compare to using what suits our needs best and use them wisely so as not to borrow too much.

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