Viggo Mortensen refused to be a Marvel superhero in order to make a plain romantic comedy.

Viggo Mortensen could have been Wolverine. hero”Lord of the Rings He came to meet with director Bryan Singer, who directed the first two installments of the series, but eventually turned down the offer and became the X-Men’s most iconic mutant.

In an interview with Yahoo Movies, actor Danish-American and raised in Argentina He revealed that he was offered the role of Wolverine in the movie “X-Men”, It was released in 2000. “They offered me to be Wolverine for the first movie. I think it was going to be doing the series later. That was before I set off.”Lord of the Rings”declared.

It coincided with a shoot with Sandra Bullock.

Mortensen explained that the reason he refused to play this character was due to timing issues: “I think it came across another project, i couldn’t do it“Although the translator didn’t reveal which project she was involved with, she did premiere the romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock at the time.”28 days“This was more painful than victory.

Viggo Mortensen and Sandra Bullock in “28 days”

The actor also remembered an anecdote he had when he met Singer, who was the director of the movie. “I went to the meeting with the director, Bryan Singer with my son, who is a true comic book expert. I was like 10 years old. Bryan showed us the models and storyboards and Henry was telling him. ‘Oh, that’s how you’re going to change it.'”

He had the paper. Russell Crowe among other candidates, although it eventually fell Hugh Jackman.

Very lucky for the Australian actor, who was then happy to bring the mutant to life. Jackman stated several times: I want to play Wolverine for the rest of my life.

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