New payment methods threatening Bizum in bars

We are paying less and less cash. this digital payment methods They have become the most used alternative to avoid carrying coins in your pocket. These tools are convenient and safe and have more and more users. this our or credit card are just two of the best known and used, but there is so much more.

sectors such as hostel and restoration They adapt to users’ needs and include them in their payment options. Answers virtual and modern

According to Minsait Payments, 70% of Spaniards after the pandemic decreased they preferred the use of cash payments and alternative digital methods. mobile banking, QR scanning, NFC technology, applications Google payment and view Pay. In fact, the Mastercard company confirms that 75% of transactions have already been made. ‘contactless’.

New ways to pay at bars

use of emerging technologies such as face recognition or models subscription also increased, and as companies kfc or brand bread basket They implemented these in their payment options.

Fewer and fewer people are paying cash. INFORMATION

However, the Bizum platform is undoubtedly one of the most desirable options for growth in the market. horeca canal. More than one payment service provider 15 million It achieved the number of active users in Spain and a penetration of 71% in digital banking customers.

companies like ‘Fuerte Group Hotels’ or ‘Worldline’ We launched Bizum as an alternative payment tool for simplify procedure, make it more intuitive and increase the conversion rate. process shopping.

Most used payment methods in Europe

Users in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium Sofort as a secure and popular payment method; confidentlyis the best known alternative in Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Poland or Italy; the iDEA system It is one of the most used in the Netherlands.

“Internationalization, to increase of the digital commerce. That’s why it plays a very important role when it comes to local payment systems. self-confident and, therefore, they are considered a factor that directly affects the conversion rate of the online store. We offer the opportunitye-commerce’ to improve your shopping experience. “Just letting their customers choose the payment method they feel most familiar with,” he says. Carlos SanchezCommercial director of Paycomet.

Cryptocurrencies. REUTERS

Pay at bars with cryptocurrencies

This payment method is becoming more and more Anonymous in the industry restoration due to the notable boom among younger users. An example is the Spanish multinational restaurant group. restalia, who decided to bet on this method. Establishment with cryptocurrency platform Bit2Me, He developed a pilot project of 100 montaditos stores in the La Vaguada shopping center in Madrid. consumers can pay almost 70 virtual currencies different like bitcoinsethereum, cardano, solana or B2M.

The aim of this project is how much life You can have this payment alternative. Andrei Manuel, COO and co-founder of Bit2me alternative ecosystem unstoppable because of the great acceptance it has among people. The companies that understand this now and are working in this direction are the ones to come. leaders sector will be at the forefront. innovation”.

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