German court fines man who destroyed Holocaust memorial in Berlin

a district court in Berlin, Germany, fined a man 3,200 euros for destroying one of the concrete blocks of the symbolic monument with two hammers. Holocaust is located in the center of the city.

The justice sentenced this citizen, who was a resident of Brandenburg and did not receive notice, to pay. 80-day fine of 40 euros each to cover some of the repair costsIn the amount of 9,000 euros.

The Berlin-Tiergarten Court ruled the defendant damaged property and disturbed the peace of the dead. Likewise, he was fined 2400 TL for other coercion and illegal car racing crimes.

However, the 62-year-old citizen, who is stated to have some kind of mental disability and a new hearing will be held later, can still appeal the sentence.

The monument, erected in 2005 and located on the left bank of the Brandenburg Gate Gate, commemorates recent history. six million Jews were murdered Nazi Germany and consists of approximately 2,700 gray concrete blocks of varying heights.

Source: Informacion


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