“Breath with Papo peste”: huge excitement on the networks for this statement from a presenter

He can betray anyone directly, and the history of television is full of slips of journalists and presenters. this kits is a category of humor in its own right, and among Wonderful moments like “cucumber” from Alicante Beatriz Perez Aranda“Government News” Alexandra Herranz“I will pee” Fatma Gumus“You don’t wanna get rid of the bitch” Vicente Valles Antena 3 Noticias or incoming laughter attack Peter Piqueras When he published the viral video of the “deep disinfection” of the Bilbao metro.

looks like it will what he had for hours in front of the cameras and who else had less little slip which went viral.

Controversial statement of Kika Frutos goes live

The last journalist to join this club was Murcian. Kika BerriesIn his speech on Tuesday, November 8, on the ‘Murcia Conecta’ program of the Murcia Region Public Television, he said a sentence that did not go well on social networks.

Kika spoke live embodying Talavera, the host of the show about a Prague image referenced in the previous day’s show: Kika admitted that she didn’t know what the interesting image meant when. Talavera interrupted him to ask if he was carrying sugar in his mouth.

Kika asks Encarna if she’s “showing too much” and if she should remove it. Before the host’s nervous laughter, Kika takes a piece of paper to take the candy out of her mouth and suggests not to look at the camera, in public: “If you’re nervous, don’t look.”

Archenera condemns him live for the incident, “You have 24 hours a day and 8 minutes to eat a candy”Kika is a failure alitose containment strategy. The criticism came not because of the event, but because of the expression and example he used to explain: “And if a rich man comes here, will I get sick of ‘papo’? Of course I have to smell like honey.”

To end the moment, Kika calls out to a person behind the scenes (Alberto), whom she wishes not to laugh: “He won’t notice you if he’s heterosexual. So of course, if a sexy rich guy comes along, I’ll have to smell it, so I don’t have to smell the poppy, I have to smell like honey and lemon.”

Meanwhile, Talavera cannot believe what she is hearing and repeats Kika’s words in disbelief. Then he explains What do you mean by ‘papo’: “Isn’t it a breath? papo. With the smell of ‘papo’. Think about it, the businessman of my life has arrived, I can’t be with the smell of broccoli and hake.”

Macho background of the phrase “Your breath smells like papo”

Although the journalist refrains from explaining what he means with the word ‘papo’, the expression is “external part of the female genital apparatus”.

this criticism on social networks They came when Cris (@crisgapink) posted a reflection on Twitter: “Yesterday the Murcian host on TV said that if a businessman with money comes in, he carries sugar so that his breath doesn’t smell like ‘papo.’ Maybe it was funny, but I didn’t like it.”

In the comments, Internet users highlighted: macho background of expression (“Your mouth smells like ‘papo’), but also the story that justifies the sugar (“A woman whose mouth should smell good if a wealthy businessman turns up”).

from here rising thread national, there are a few more tweets.

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