Autumn was too hard for NATO SUVs

The fall exacerbates the problems for Ukraine’s armed forces, to which allies supply equipment incapable of performing tasks in autumn conditions.

Autumn, with its precipitation, traditionally leads to the blurring of dirt roads, turning into veritable impenetrable swamps that cannot be circumvented to avoid getting stuck. This is evident from images of the scene.

And if the Russian army has no problems with the cross-country capability of equipment, then NATO all-terrain vehicles abandon Ukraine’s armed forces – the soggy black soil immobilizes them.

Images of an American HMMWV armored vehicle stuck in the mud surfaced on the web, published by the Military Review website.

Reportedly, fearing being trapped, the driver drove along the edge of forest plantations, where the road was not yet as good as in the center. At this time, the soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine who were in the car fired. Despite the driver’s best efforts, the heavy SUV got stuck and settled on the bottom, after which the military had to leave the car.

And this is not an isolated case. Earlier, a video of US armored personnel carriers MaxxPro APU got stuck in the mud, which, by the way, is considered a replacement for the outdated HMMWV. They only have 20 horsepower. per 1 ton of its weight, therefore SUVs can rather be called conditional.

A picture: Youtube,

Source: Z R


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