Maroto says Spain wants to pioneer electromobility in Europe

Industry, Tourism and Trade Minister Reyes Maroto celebrated this Saturday the “activation” of the 880m euro investment in tractor projectors. Government “commitment” With the leading electromobility in Europe.

“We continue to work not only with Volkswagen, but also with other investment projects coming to Spain. excited about momentum We give from the government to this project”, he declared after attending the official opening of the Parador de Costa da Morte in the town of A Coruña, Muxía.

He suggested that the government is already working on a new call for the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation of the Electric and Connected Vehicle (Perte VEC) to “strengthen” the investment that Volkswagen “needs”. “pull” other projects they are evaluating.

“We see that it fits perfectly in the second line where we will meet and also in the already mobilized PERTE (Electric and Connected Vehicle Project). 2 billion €“, He claimed.

Maroto emphasized that they are investing. “Reviving Demand” and “accelerate” the installation of charging points, a new supplement to help “create” jobs for Spanish industry.

“To talk about electromobility today is to talk about the future, and that’s what the Government is doing. investing in facilities and facilitating purchasing for the development of an ecosystem different from the one we have, based on burning, thinking about the future and protecting the environment.”

Inauguration of the hostel

The Minister also inaugurated Costa da Morte Parador in Muxía (A Coruña) opened its doors in June 2020, with an action marking this facility as a “symbol” of the ecological disaster caused by the sinking of the Prestige on November 13, 2002, nearly two decades ago.

“Despite this sad anniversary, today we can celebrate the success of this Parador, which has become the twelfth establishment of the Paradores network in Galicia since its opening in June 2020 and strengthens the commitment of this state network. Economic and social development of Galicia“He explained during the action.

Minister, the organizationan example of integrationWith its natural and heritage environment, before remembering his “hug” with Santiago Toba, the mayor of Muxía, at Fitur 2019.

“After disasters, there are opportunities. “Today, Muxia represents this employment and growth opportunity, and I hope La Palma Island also represents that.”

He stressed that tourism policy has gone “hand in hand” with economic development over the past three years, and that Galicia alone has received 116 million euros, with a “strong” investment for the improvement of both Caminos de Santiago and Santiago. “symbolic” inns Like those in Santiago de Compostela, Baiona or Monforte de Lemos.

For his part, head of the Paradores, Peter Sarah, Costa da Morte stated that Parador is “one of the best exponents” of the values ​​embodied by the public hotel company.

“The integration with nature reflects the care and respect we have for the environment and biodiversity; the gastronomy, artistic collections and photographs that house its walls show the importance we attach to nature. the reality of traditions and Galician culture; and Parador’s high activity, its power to increase activity in the region,” he said.

Parador de Costa da Morte opened its doors for the first time on June 25, 2020, becoming the public chain’s number 98. In these two years of operation, it has become one of the most requested Paradors in the entire Network, hang the “done” sign for three summers in a row.

The author of the original project was Galician architect Alfonso Penela, who designed a building with 21st century architecture. It has a living space. 15.000 m2 and 63 rooms It has a terrace and views of Lourido beach.

Source: Informacion


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