A glance at the forbidden opens Seminci 67 with ‘Look into the eyes’.

The lure of the occult and the immersion in the forbidden’don’t look into your eyes‘, was the cause responsible for lifting the curtain on the 67th edition of the Valladolid International Film Week (Seminist) this Saturday.

This is how the director of the movie explained it, Felix ViscarretAt the press conference after the media screening of the film competing in the official section of the Valladolid competition, which took place this Saturday at the Calderón Theatre.

“It was a ‘vouyearismo’, the job of looking, something from the song ‘Don’t look people in the eyes’ by the band. Low BlowsIt reflected very well the double appeal of looking and knowing that we were entering something forbidden.”

A 107-minute feature film in which Paco León plays Damián, who loses his job and accidentally hides in a closet and eventually stays in a family home, played by actors Leonor Watling, Álex Brendemühl and María Romanillos.

A practical wardrobe had its own breakdown and with whom Leon came to develop a relationship as if he were another character, to the point of spending time there on “meal or sandwich breaks”, which made him feel like “some kind of hermit crab.”

Juan Diego Botto joined them in the role of the driver of a car. ‘reality shows’ and, on the contrary, the famous journalist Iñaki Gabilondo, who played himself in various scenes.

“We had a great time with him and we envisioned a great career for him even though he started at 80 because he knows how to seduce and he has charisma,” said the Sevillian actor, adding that the veteran journalist is “as great as he is.” ‘Deus ex Machina’“.

The work was signed by Navarrese director Félix Viscarret, who is the author of other films and documentaries such as ‘.Under the stars‘ (2007), ‘Winds of Havana‘ (2016), but has also been featured extensively on television platforms such as Netflix’s ‘Four Nights in Havana’ or the adaptation of Fernando Aramburu’s book ‘Patria’ written for HBO.

an adaptation

Author Juan Jose Millás ‘From the shadows’The novel on which the film is based, valuing the rhythm of its text and its adaptation into cinematographic format.

The director has explored Millás’ relationship to literature since his uncle Manolo lent him two novels when he was young, emphasizing that exploring the “‘Millas universe” is one thing, seeing life through the other side of the mirror. very inspiring in every moment of life“.

Millás admitted for himself: scenario “surprised him” because it has done “the very complex process of transforming the ‘pace’ of the novel into that of a movie script”, which is more like that of a story or a short story.

“They’ve made a surprisingly good movie any way you look at it: the technical aspect, the actors, or the narrative skill”, although it takes place in a very closed environment, it’s like the protagonist’s own mind.achieved a “very brilliant” film.

Another important role in the movie is the role of Leonor Watling, who guarantees this. it was easy to approach a character marked by misfortune He managed to create a very interesting symbiosis between the original text and the final film for the “very great script”.

The result of the cinematographer’s work is a film in which subjective shots and locations are combined, Alvaro Gutierrezaccompanied by minimalist music Michael Salas and the winner of the Operación Triunfo in 2018, Amaia Romero, shuts down with the song ‘Más de la medio’, which will go on sale Friday, October 28th.

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