The Spanish fashion house showed clothes in the spirit of Minecraft. It looks like it’s flat

The Spanish fashion house Loewe organized an exhibition of a new clothing collection. And there they showed various items in the spirit of Minecraft. This style called “pixel glitch” was presented as part of Paris Fashion Week.

At the presentation, they showed a T-shirt and a sweatshirt in this design. The design looks like the clothes are just a 2D sprite on the screen. At the same time, it is interesting that the connection to Minecraft was not officially announced, but users suggested that it was. It is not yet clear when and at what price such clothing will go on sale.

This is not the only such product. Microsoft previously introduced Minecraft ice cream with four flavors, named after items in the game itself. There’s even an ice cream flavored with “Glowstone Dust” on the list. Note that this delicacy is only sold in the US.🔞 For the evening: Another erotic game has become one of the most profitable on Steam

Source: VG Times


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