A new video of the Mortal Kombat cartoon has been released – it showed the old Sub-Zero with a bloody face

Portal IGN has published a short clip from the full-length animated film Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind, the third installment in the Legends series.

The cutscene seems to start after the fight between Kenshi and Kuai Liang, the former Sub-Zero. Probably, the hero wanted to ask for help in the fight against Kano, but lost. As a result, Kuai leaves and the wizard Shang Zong appears in front of the main character and talks about a powerful sword hidden at the bottom of the Well of Souls. As is already known, the hero will go to this pit and find a sword, but there he will meet the ghosts of ancient warriors and lose his sight, and then begin training with Kuai Lieng.