Passage of the quest “Romance Club. Conquering Versailles” (1 season, 1-2 episodes)

Chapter (Series) 1: Values ​​of Versailles

You play as the daughter of the Marquis de Lafayette. The girl’s name is Rene de Noailles by default, but you can change the name. The plot begins in 1665 in a small village near Paris. Choose your character: physique, appearance and first haircut.

Path Scene: (teach/explain each path in this story)

Path of Altruism: Altruism means helping friends and family, serving the king and the country – self-sacrifice without regard for the consequences.

Calculation Path: Calculating means striving to think and make decisions based on what’s best for you and those around you – the tendency to think ahead patiently and intelligently.

Path of Hedonism: Hedonism means the desire for pleasure – the ability to seize the moment and express feelings, give pleasure to yourself and others.

The heroine is worried about the arrival of unexpected guests. The state of her family is not what it used to be, so the girl does not have a suitable dress for the meeting.

Passage of the quest “Romance Club.  conquering Versailles

Choice: I just want…

  • Make daddy happy (+1 Altruism);
  • Get respect (+1 calculation));
  • Feel the soft side on your skin (+1 Hedonism).

The father says that the king’s servant, Alexander, came to visit. After meeting, the man is interested in why he did not see the heroine at court.

Timing: Monsieur, the point is…

  • I’m still too young (+1 Calculation);
  • I can’t leave daddy alone (+1 Altruism);
  • I love rural life (+1 Hedonism).

Alexander wonders if the girl is thinking about getting married. Unfortunately, the family has no money for a dowry, so you will have to lie something.

Passage of the quest “Romance Club.  conquering Versailles

Choices: I’m twenty, monsieur. And no, no one is claiming my hand (no effect)

  • By the way, I’m not interested at all;
  • If I met someone worthy;
  • Are you proposing to me, monsieur? – Your relationship with Alexander has improved.

Alexander is clearly flirting. He asks what it takes to win the heroine’s heart.

Choice: What am I looking for in my chosen one?

  • Only love (+1 Altruism);
  • Are you familiar with the term “accomplice”? (+1 Hedonism);
  • The highest ranks, titles and wealth of course (+1 Calculation);
  • My heart cannot be conquered (no effect).

Aunt complains to Alexander about the increasing number of thefts. However, the heroine knows something that the aunt does not suspect.

Passage of the quest “Romance Club.  conquering Versailles

Choice: I wonder if my aunt will ever understand that the thefts started with my arrival?

  • Daddy would burn with shame if he knew (+1 Altruism);
  • I will do anything to survive (+1 Calculation);
  • I hate to admit it, but it’s fun (+1 Hedonism).

Choices: Whose room should I steal this time?

  • Alexandra – opens an extra choice;
  • Susanna’s Aunt – Unlocks an extra choice;
  • Free guest room – opens an additional choice.

Regardless of the choice, you can explore roughly the same places in the available room three times. Valuables are in different places in each of the rooms.

If you decide to steal from Alexander’s room.

Passage of the quest “Romance Club.  conquering Versailles

Timing: I don’t have much time before they start looking for me. I will go and see

  • Chest of drawers (you will find a pearl necklace);
  • Chest (you will find a brooch);
  • Dressing table.

Choice: should I take this?

  • To take;
  • Back to place.

Timed Choice: Now I’m Going to Check…

  • Luggage (you will find money)
  • Bed, under the mattress – nothing;
  • Wardrobe – nothing.

Choice: should I take this?

  • To take;
  • Yield.

Timing: One last thing I’ll check…

  • Desk – nothing;
  • Wardrobe – old francs.

If you decide to steal from Aunt Suzanne’s room – will be added later.

If you decide to steal from an unoccupied guest room – will be added later.

The heroine is noticed by Alexander. He immediately understands what’s going on, but asks for an explanation.

Choice: what to say?

  • The truth – no effect;
  • Lies – Alexander won’t believe you.

Path Scene:

Path of Altruism: you tell Alexander you don’t want to dishonor your father.

Calculation Path: you ask Alexander why he is so interested in what you stole.

Path of Hedonism: you tell Alexander that you only steal for pleasure.

If you managed to steal 2 or more items, you will receive this banner: You impressed Alexander.

Alexander blackmails the heroine. Now she has to do as he says.

Passage of the quest “Romance Club.  conquering Versailles

Choice: What to answer (no effect)

  • Yes, Alexander;
  • I don’t like it when people talk to me like that;
  • What if I don’t agree?

Alexander decides to take the heroine with him. The trip is scheduled for tomorrow, but you have to decide in which carriage you will go.

Passage of the quest “Romance Club.  conquering Versailles

Choice: Who am I going with?

  • With Aunt Susanna and Dad;
  • With Alexander – Your relationship with Alexander has improved.

Having chosen an aunt and father, relatives are worried about the fate of the heroine.

Choices: I have to calm Aunt Suzanne and Dad

  • I always behave carefully and wisely (+1 Calculation);
  • I will return our good name to the king, Daddy (+1 Altruism);
  • It all sounds pretty exciting (+1 Hedonism).

If Alexander was chosen.

Choice: I’ll have to get rid of him.

  • I come with a plan (+1 Calculation);
  • As soon as the opportunity arises (+1 Hedonism);
  • The most important thing is not to harm anyone in the process (+1 Altruism).

Alexander ends up in the chapel with the heroine. The man asks if the girl reads prayers before going to bed.

Passage of the quest “Romance Club.  conquering Versailles

Choice: I don’t even know why he’s asking this (no effect)

  • Yes I read;
  • But how. ruthless;
  • I never speak as if God hears it;
  • I pray, but I am not a Gallic Catholic;
  • I do not pray to a Christian god. And other gods.

You hear voices in the chapel.

Choice: As I get closer, I hear whispers from the confessional

  • Eavesdropping? (11) – you will have the chance to meet Chevalier Philip;
  • No, the evening meal requires privacy (free).

Hearing it, you will learn information about the mistress of the king – Louise.

Choice: Don’t know what to think about this (no effect)

  • The king’s favorite should be ashamed of himself;
  • Blame the King
  • This is none of my business;
  • People have the right to love who they want;
  • I would also become the king’s favorite if I had the chance.

A man notices the heroine and asks if she wants to confess.

Passage of the quest “Romance Club.  conquering Versailles

Choice: What should I answer? Did he notice that I was eavesdropping?

  • No, I was about to leave (no effect);
  • I have nothing to confess (no effect);
  • Why did you decide that I should confess? – opens the next selection.

Choice: Shall I take the rose? (your relationship with Chevalier Philippe has changed) You will only see this if you chose the third option in the previous selection.

  • To take;
  • To refuse.

You notice the commotion on the street. The wild stallion was startled by the bright outfits of the ladies and is ready to trample a young man you don’t know.

Passage of the quest “Romance Club.  conquering Versailles

Choice: what should I do?

  • Saddle a horse to save a man (18) – your relationship with Katerina, Arman and Alexander has improved;
  • Freezing of fear (no effect);
  • Call for help – Alexander appreciated you asking for help.

Once you’ve calmed the horse, Alexander will be impressed and Arman and Katerina will begin to thank you.

Choice: all right? (no effect)

  • Ask Armand;
  • Comfort Katerina;
  • Ask them both how they feel;
  • Have Alexander ask about their well-being.

You will only see this choice if you have received the rose from Philip in the church.

Choices: Should I share my impression of Chevalier Philippe?

  • He seemed handsome;
  • I didn’t like the way he talked about Louise de La Vallière;
  • It was a short conversation.

You will only see this choice if you have not accepted the Philip’s rose in the church.

New acquaintances of the heroine tease her.

Choices: I barely know them, but they joke and tease me like we’re friends (no effect)

  • It’s flattering even to me;
  • This is starting to annoy me;
  • I will remain humble and silent.

Choices: I’m well educated, but I don’t know who Michel Millo is…

  • Who? (no effect);
  • I will laugh as if I know who they mean – Katerina and Armand appreciated it;
  • I frown. This is probably an obscene joke – Katerina and Armand are not happy.

In the hat shop, the heroine sees a girl. She looks weird.

Passage of the quest “Romance Club.  conquering Versailles

Choices: Maybe I should talk to her?

  • Talk to her;
  • Keep looking around the store (no effect).

If you choose to talk.

Choices: She has such a wistful smile. I don’t know what to say to her. I’m ashamed, but it’s a nice awkwardness (no effect)

  • Why are you sad?
  • What do you like about serving Queen Anne?
  • How is life at court?
  • What can make you laugh? – opens the next selection.

Choices: I want to say something to Bonna that would make her smile.

  • Give her a flirty compliment – Bonnet appreciates your compliment (unlocks next pick);
  • Give her a friendly compliment – Bonnet appreciates your compliment (unlocks the next choice);
  • Ask her advice on hats – Bonna loved the way you asked her for advice.

You will only see this selection if you have complimented Bonnet.

Hair clip selection (all options are free, you can choose one)

  • peacock feather and pearls;
  • Blue gems and ribbon;
  • Diamond and black ribbon.

Clothing choice (does not affect stats)

  • Luxury dress (eighteen);
  • seductive dress (33);
  • Modest dress (free).

Your adventure begins. The heroine goes to Versailles. Chapter completed.

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