GTA 6 Wanted Star System Changed and Revealed

It became known about a major change in the game GTA 6developed by Rockstar Games, which will shed light on the sixth installment against the backdrop of the past.

Right after the official announcement of the Grand Theft Auto 6 game, fans of the series started discussing what Rockstar authors should do or change in the sixth installment. Some have come to the conclusion that the developers need to work a lot on the desired system or star system, which is one of the most important elements of GTA games. Rollingwaves posted a new thread on the Reddit forum, where he talked in detail about how the star search system in GTA VI should evolve. “In addition to the obvious improvements that will improve the graphics and physics, changes can be made that will drastically change the experience of committing a crime and the dynamics of the chase,” the user wrote.

The author of rollingwaves described in detail how Rockstar could improve the galaxy in GTA 6. For example, the user finds it worthwhile to work seriously on the behavior of the crowd in the event of a crime. The author also believes that the main character of GTA 6 could learn to run into apartments and take people hostage, who in turn could beg him for mercy. In addition, the rollingwaves user proposes to greatly change the intelligence of the police officers in Grand Theft Auto 6. For example, with a large number of stars, they have to cordon off entire areas, as if they are chasing the most dangerous criminal. In general, the author wants the desired system in GTA VI to be as realistic as possible and generate situations for the players where “hands start to sweat”. “The artificial intelligence of the crowd, police and individual characters will play a big part in achieving this, and having a large number of houses to enter will make for even crazier situations,” says user rollingwaves.

It is worth noting that not all commentators agreed with the author’s point of view. Some have reported that they would like a choice between a realistic and more arcade-like system. GTA 6 has been announced, but the project has no release date yet.

Source: Game Bomb


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