More than 700 games and exclusive demos – Sony announces redesigned PlayStation Plus with three subscription levels

Sony has officially announced the extended version of the PlayStation Plus subscription. Now players can choose one of three rates: Essential, Extra and Premium.

Which subscriptions include:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential: classic subscription version with monthly free games, exclusive discounts and online access;
  • PlayStation Plus extra: all of the above, plus a library of up to 400 downloadable games;
  • Playstation Plus Premium: All of the above, plus an extensive library of up to 340 additional games for PS3 (available via the cloud), PSOne, PS2, and PSP; access to the PlayStation Now streaming service; trial versions of games with a time limit.

What’s the price:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential: $10 for a month, $25 for three months, and $60 for a year;
  • PlayStation Plus extra: $15 for a month, $40 for three months, and $100 for a year;
  • Playstation Plus Premium: $18 for a month, $50 for three months, and $120 for a year.

In countries where PlayStation Now is not available, the third subscription level will be called PlayStation Plus Deluxe The price will be lower, but how much is not yet known.

The Extra and Premium plans include games from both internal and partner studios. It is already known that at launch the library will have