Overview of the Vigor GK71 Low Profile keyboard. Quiet and fast with floating keys

MSI provided the editors with a new set of gaming peripherals, including the new Vigor GK71 Sonic keyboard, released this spring. In addition, the set includes the Immerse GH50 headset with a stand and the Clutch GM50 mouse with a branded mouse pad. Let’s get to the review!

Check price of MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic

Overview of the Vigor GK71 Low Profile keyboard.  Quiet and fast with floating keys

Specifications Vigor GK71 Sonic

  • Main switch type: MSI Sonic Red;
  • Interface: USB 2.0;
  • Number of keys: 104 / 105 / 109 keys (depending on language);
  • Lighting: Mystic Light;
  • OS Compatibility: Windows 10 and above;
  • Cable: 1.8m braided;
  • Key life (number of keystrokes): 70+ million;
  • Number of rollovers: Hybrid 6+N Rollover;
  • Dimension (mm): 442.5 x 138 x 41;
  • Weight (g): 854 / 1700.

Review Vigor GK71 Sonic

I would like to start with the main feature: Vigor GK71 Sonic, as the name implies, uses Sonic Red mechanical switches, made in collaboration with the manufacturer Kailh. The company notes their low actuation force of just 35g with 4mm of full travel and 1.9mm travel to the actuation point.

Overview of the Vigor GK71 Low Profile keyboard.  Quiet and fast with floating keys

In fact, the keys are pressed really easily and without resistance, which may even put you off at first – it will take some time if you’ve used a device with more elastic switches before.

Overview of the Vigor GK71 Low Profile keyboard.  Quiet and fast with floating keys

Also, the Sonic Red keys are completely silent. Which is also surprising if you are used to keyboards that sound like a typewriter. Admittedly, after an hour of active typing or gaming, you completely forget about any kind of sound feedback and enjoy using the new device. As a bonus, online gamers certainly won’t swear that your keyboard can be heard in Discord.

The caps themselves are made of two layers: classic black plastic on top and translucent walls. With the Mystic Light turned on, this creates a fun illusion of keys floating above the body of the device.

The backlight itself is configured in the MSI Center application, which traditionally allows you to select the modes and colors you want and sync your devices. We used this for the entire set that was sent to the editors. Here in the program you can set macros and update the firmware. If desired, the backlight can be easily controlled by a combination of hot keys without installing the application.

Also on the keyboard, you can’t miss the multimedia keys and a dual volume control, which is located in the top right corner. The buttons are unexpectedly made in silver color. This detail, in our opinion, slightly detracts from the overall design of the device, but the keys perform their function – the dial can be turned both from above and from the side.

The base of the device was a sturdy aluminum panel with cutouts for buttons. At the rear are two legs, four anti-slip points and cable channels. The USB cable for the keyboard itself is 6 feet (1.8 meters) long and wrapped in a cloth.

Separately, we note the stand for the hands, which comes with the kit. It’s useful for long sessions, and without it some players may find the keyboard high. It is especially useful if you are used to keeping brushes on the table. The only negative is that the stand is not attached to the keyboard in any way and just sits under your hands.

Results and prices

Overview of the Vigor GK71 Low Profile keyboard.  Quiet and fast with floating keys

I would like to praise Vigor GK71 Sonic for the speed and the quiet sound of the keys. This is the case when something new and unusual seems inconvenient, but after a while you start to ask yourself: why have I not used such a device before?

Check price of MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic

KRASIVO Branded hats with a different design only enhance the pleasant impression. This is of course provided if you like to flood your workspace with light.

What do you think of the unusual floating keys on the Vigor GK71 Sonic?

Pairing GM50 mouse and Immerse GH50 headset review

We have already recommended the Clutch GM50 mouse to our readers as a great gift. This device is not equipped with the most sensitive sensor on the market, but the speed will certainly be enough for an ordinary player.

Overview of the Vigor GK71 Low Profile keyboard.  Quiet and fast with floating keys
  • Sensor: Optical;
  • Maximum sensitivity (DPI): 7200;
  • Interface: USB 2.0;
  • Number of buttons: 6;
  • Main button source changes: 20 million clicks;
  • Main switch type: Omron Gaming;
  • Backlight: RGB;
  • Cable: 2 m low friction, gold-plated connector;
  • OS Compatibility: Windows 10/8.1/8/7;
  • Dimension (mm): 120 x 67 x 42;
  • Weight (g): 87.

The mouse fits perfectly in the hand and all six buttons respond quickly to presses. The manipulator is only suitable for right-handers and the design itself is classic for devices in this price category. The ribbed surface on the side is not the softest, but it is not disturbing during use. The front panel of the manipulator is decorated with a luminescent logo and a transparent strip with diodes in the lower part of the housing. The backlight is also configurable in MSI Center.

We also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Immerse GH50 headset before, and we were very happy with the device. This time we decided to refresh our memory by testing the device in modern games.

Overview of the Vigor GK71 Low Profile keyboard.  Quiet and fast with floating keys

The Immerse GH50 uses 40mm vibrating drivers and supports 7.1 virtual sound. And while the latter seems to be preferred for gaming, the classic mode really feels all the virtual hits, shots, and explosions. The sound of the headset can be praised for its depth and presence.

The Immerse GH50 itself folds up easily and packs into the included carrying case. The rigid and fairly monolithic microphone can be easily detached for transport. The backlight is made organically and is not distracting – the diodes are located on each side behind the dragon logo.

The photos also showed the large Agility GD70 mat, conveniently placed along the entire length of the table. If you’re not used to holding your headset on a table, the Immerse HS01 metal and sturdy stand can come in handy for the big picture.

Source: VG Times


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