Scottish pony drinking beer in English countryside elected ‘mayor’

A Scottish pony named Patrick made himself popular and became the new “mayor” of the English village of Cockington. writes about it New York post.

The pony’s owner, Kirk Petrakis, initially ran hippotherapy sessions and then decided to take him to The Drum pub to help local residents who were struggling psychologically during the pandemic. Soon the pony became “one of his own” in the institution and even got a favorite drink – a glass of Guinness beer.

Patrick became so famous that he had his own corner at the bar, but he and the owner still continued to cheer people up in hospitals, psychiatric wards, and specialized schools.

In 2019, hundreds of people signed a petition to become the next mayor after a pony passed away. Patrick is now the “unofficial mayor,” but the number of people signing the petition continues to grow.

The ponies now have their own offices with a purple poppy emblem, a symbol of the memory of the horses that fought in wars and animal charities. Member of Parliament Kevin Foster and local councilor Andrew Barrand made a special trip to attend the “unofficial mayor” inauguration.

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Source: Gazeta


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