Aussie invented whitening clothes with denture pills

Australian blogger Caroline McCauley has found an easy way to whiten clothes with dentures. talked about it TikTok account.

McCauley’s blog has more than 2.5 ml subscribers – in the new video, the blogger offered them an effective way to whiten clothes.

First you need to put the wardrobe items in a bowl of hot water. Next, you need to add one to three denture cleaning tablets to the container. When you need to leave something in the resulting solution for an hour.

After the time has passed, it is recommended to slightly squeeze the products, removing excess moisture. Finally, wash the clothes in the washing machine at the highest temperature.

In the comments, social media users drew attention to the effectiveness of the life hack. They wrote: “I did the laundry in one go”, “The shirts became like new”, “I also recommend adding soda, it will increase the effect and get rid of yellow spots”.

Formerly British tabloid recommendation Do not wash sheets and towels with clothes.

Source: Gazeta


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