Floral prints, bags and lace. What to wear at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris: Floral patterned and transparent shirts were the trends of Men’s Fashion Week in Paris 06.25.2024, 15:44

2025 spring-summer season men’s fashion week ended in Paris. It was held in difficult conditions: due to Olympic preparations it became more difficult for show guests to get around the French capital, many reduced the number of events in their schedules. Still, industry professionals considered the Week a success. Fashion editors particularly noted the performance show organized by the Rick Owens brand, which featured 200 participants dressed in white and transparent dresses, masks and curtains; the models created a sense of action on a biblical scale.

“Big shows like Rick Owens were amazing,” Esquire editor-in-chief Michael Sebastian told Vogue Business. “Others only had good, durable, wearable clothes.”

Indeed, leaving aside the avant-garde ideas of Rick Owens or Comme Des Garcons, many of the Week’s participants showed clothes that could actually be worn. Casual silhouettes, sneakers, loose trousers, roomy raincoats and jackets created the feeling that in the upcoming spring-summer season men are encouraged to limit themselves to as little clothing as possible. However, almost no attempts were made to surprise the public by including such elements of women’s wardrobe as corsets, tights and miniskirts in the collections. Everything was modest and respectable, but not lacking in elegance.

black color

It claims to invent the “new black” in women’s fashion every season. For men, designers do not split hairs: good old black dominates the catwalks. The majority of the week’s attendees showed off all-black looks: the Louis Vuitton show opened with a group of 20 black men, the Y3 brand showed how to use this color in sporty looks, and Yohji Yamamoto managed to maintain a feeling of freshness and lightness. even in all-black looks. Sacai, Kiko Kostadinov, Namesake, Dries Van Noten, System – all showed charcoal-coloured images. Conclusion: Next spring, men will be able to wear any clothes, as long as they are black.

bags in hands

Choosing a bag for a man is always a problem. Many people choose to forego this accessory altogether if they only carry keys and a credit card. So, what should those who have more stuff with them choose? Designers suggest taking ideas from women’s wardrobe for spring 2025. If he can walk around with a huge Louis Vuitton or Hermes in his hand, why not?

By the way, size doesn’t always matter. Dior also accepts a small bag. The important thing is to carry it by squeezing the handle in your palm.


This season, designers have donated simple, uncomplicated men who are not ready to try miniskirts and crop tops (a pair of long wide skirts does not count, because any Scotsman would not be ashamed to wear them). But some elements of women’s fashion were still seeping into the catwalks. Especially transparent fabrics.

Slightly transparent or completely transparent shirts, kaftans, hoodies and even trousers were presented by Dries Van Noten, Taakk, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Yohji Yamamoto and Kenzo. And also the Belgian house Walter Van Beirendonck – in the clown version, just suitable for the show.

knee length shorts

Next season the length of men’s shorts will increase significantly, down to the knee, just above or below the knee. In terms of width, too, in most cases: shorts will mostly be loose and roomy, and this applies not only to sports options, but also to suit options, of which there are many this week.

However, some brands, such as South Korea’s Wooyoungmi, offered slightly tighter shorts than others. But still – long.

Lace, flowers, bow

Men’s collections were not completely devoid of femininity, but decorative elements characteristic of a women’s wardrobe were carefully and prudently used by fashion designers as spices. Japanese brand Taakk was the brand that went the furthest with the guipure coat; It was founded in 2014 by Japanese fashion designer Takuya Morikawa, who previously worked at Issey Miyake House for eight years.

The rest of the brands went with the classics. Floral print, embroidery, floral print – and a bow blouse from Louis Vuitton.

What are you thinking?

At men’s fashion week in Paris, designers showed off beautiful clothes and some lace that can actually be worn. socialbites.ca identified five trends for the spring-summer season 2025.

Source: Gazeta


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