In addition to likes, there will also be a “Hype” button on YouTube 06.25.2024, 20:52

Google has launched a test version of its Hype feature for YouTube, which aims to increase the number of subscribers of authors of small channels. The portal reports this 9to5Google.

The innovation is offered to viewers of small channels with up to 500 thousand subscribers. The Hype feature allows viewers to promote videos posted within seven days.

Currently, Hype is available to users in Brazil, Türkiye, and Taiwan. The more viewers use “Hype” to promote a video, the more likely it is to appear in the “Traveler” section of popular videos. So innovation works the same way as likes and comments help promote videos.

It is stated that YouTube developers plan to collect user feedback based on the results of the testing period and will probably consider adding “Hype” for a larger number of viewers from other regions.

It is not stated when the experimental feature will work for other users. It is also unknown whether Google plans to make this feature paid.

Previously reportedIt is stated that Telegram is unsafe due to its small team of only 30 engineers.

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Source: Gazeta


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