EBU justifies its decision not to hold Eurovision in Ukraine after complaints from Ukraine

this European Broadcasting Union It remains firm in its decision not to hold Eurovision 2023. Ukraine. A few days ago, the country showed that despite the fragile situation it is in due to the war, the festival organization’s 2023 venue has been rejected by the government headed by Volodímir Zelensky due to “disappointment”. responsible were compelled Justify the reasons why the event is held in another region.

“To ensure compliance, the EBU fully understands the disappointment caused by the announcement that Eurovision 2023 cannot be held in this year’s winning country, Ukraine,” the organization said in a statement on social media. safety conditions for everyone attending and working at the eventplanning for this must begin immediately in the host country”.

In addition to demanding that this decision not be “politicised”, the EBU insists there are a number of serious risks that will affect the planning and development of the festival. Security questionnaire completed by Ukraine, possible “air strikes with drones or missiles that may cause a significant number of victims”. They emphasize that the measures to prevent such a threat are “inadequate” for competition of this size.

Another point in the statement refers to the “reluctance” of delegations and participants to travel to Ukraine. Nor do they consider the possibility of Eurovision staying in a border area with a neighboring country.“The features of the proposed venues and the lack of infrastructure do not meet the competition requirements”.

A few days ago, the EBU announced its intention to start talks with the BBC for the organization of Eurovision 2023. Despite showing that many British cities are interested in hosting the big event, Boris Johnson disagreed: “We We We Are Great, we came in second and I would love for him to come to this country but the truth is they (Ukraine) won.” “Kyiv or any other safe Ukrainian city would be a great place to do it. I think they can and I think they should.”said the British Prime Minister.

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