These are the six companies accused by OCU of reducing the quantity of their products and charging the same fee.

this consumer organization The OCU has previously condemned National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC)) a Gallo, Danone, Pescanova, Colacao, Tulipán and Campofrío Pasta with redflationan application consisting of give less amount by charging the samewithout refusing to spread his complaint to more products and companies.

Specifically, the OCU filed the complaint so that the CNMC could determine whether there was a reduction in these complaints it had detected. six companiesIt is an application that can change. unfair competitiondue to lack of transparency for consumers.

In addition to the complaint to the body chaired by Cani Fernández, the consumer organization will inform the Ministry of Consumer Affairs so that it can look into the situation. implementation of measures that compels the manufacturer to improve the information they provide to consumers. price and quantity of your products.

“hidden” hikes

The OCU has criticized these “opaque” practices for being “undetectable to consumers in most cases” regardless of the legality of redflation, so it is necessary to warn consumers of these “hidden” spikes.

The organization filed a criminal complaint. increase in energy and raw material prices caused a “significant” increase in the prices of different goods and services.

Specifically, a number 9.4% annual increase at the cost of food.

In this context, he warned that some major producers in the food industry have chosen a different strategy to avoid the penalty of rising prices: reflation.

7% of daily products

According to a study, the OCU confirmed At least 7% of the items in your shopping cart affected by this application.

Although in principle the regulations are complied with in terms of information on packaging and labeling of products, the OCU considers that “in the absence of clear information, it can in fact be considered a practice of unfair competition. It informs the consumer about rising prices, and this lack of transparency changes competition”.

Danone major denied

Danone, on the other hand, denied the consumer organization’s accusations and assured that it did not apply any discount policy on its products to mitigate the effects of inflation.

“We have to categorically reject the information you have published today. [por este jueves] “The OCU, which has included Danone as one of the companies they will complain to CNMC for unfairly implementing discount measures for consumers in recent months.”

The same sources added, “Danone has facilitated our collaboration with the OCU in terms of reformulation, packaging and collaborative governance, always implementing a policy of proactivity and transparency.”

Source: Informacion


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