AVE cannot arrive in Asturias before May “for security reasons”

High speed cannot reach Asturias before May for safety reasons, Principality President Adrián Barbón assured this Thursday, which is exactly the date the Ministry of Transport has recently announced for the opening of variant de Pajares “first half of 2023”.

Regarding the arrival of the AVE to coincide with municipal and district elections, Barbón denied accusations of “electoralism” by opposition parties. On the contrary, just because it is May, “there can’t be an official opening ceremony, the law does not allow it.” The President underlined that putting the Bypass into service in this way would only be “for the citizens”.

Addressing the opposition, Barbón said, “What would you rather postpone?” she asked. He said it is “not possible” to feature the opening because it would mean “the security process that is not completed and they told us will end in May to enter service”.

“That’s the data. And I’m not going to risk your life. no passengers to advance a month (The arrival of the AVE). So much so, discard the selections, because there can be no official opening. Neither the minister nor I will be able to inaugurate it,” he said.

Barbón during his tenure “Ministry Marathon” and his meeting with Transport Minister Raquel Sánchez talked about nearby railways as well as other projects such as Oviedo’s northern tour or the Avilés rail plan. And it was put forward during the first follow-up commission in July. Ministry of Transport’s investments in Asturias to analyze “everything”Including the suburban plan that will be “real” and promise a follow-up “millimeter by millimeter”.

The Head of the Principality stated that he went to Madrid “to defend Asturias, even more so than my own party.” Asturias,” he added.

Again responding to the opposition, Barbón said that if he had not gone to see the ministers, “there would be criticism that he did not go to see the ministers”. “I am not in the field of tactics, such as political groups that are worried about the polls, that these keys do not work. Everyone stay calm, do not be nervous because there is still one year to the elections,” he stressed. outside.

“The Asturias Government is here to rule, and this year is not a lost year, but rather a year full of activities and solutions to our problems,” he said. “more frequent” ministry marathonsAiming to “solve the problems of Asturias”.

Vice President of government Juan Cofiño referred to both the AVE’s arrival in Asturias and the “ministerial marathon”. Regarding the alternative, he insisted that it met “all planned deadlines”, even though its outcome was 13 years behind initial estimates.

Cofiño stressed that the introduction of the Alternative is subject to testing by the Railway Safety Agency, and that the date communicated to the President is “the one that is possible and that we should refer to.”

As for Barbón’s “ministerial marathon”, he said it was satisfactory and the balance “will be seen in the development of the agreements in the coming weeks, but the aim is to ensure that some vital projects are shared. He went to Asturias and that goal was achieved”, Cofiño concluded.

Source: Informacion


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