Watering the garden in the morning was called the mistake of gardeners

Watering garden plants in the morning is a common mistake gardeners make in the summer. writes about him To express.

“Water early in the morning in spring and fall, but it’s better to wait until evening in summer because watering in bright sunlight can burn plants,” a Phostrogen expert told the publication.

He added that the frequency of irrigation depends on the texture of the soil: if it is compacted, its ability to hold water will be higher, and loose soil will lose moisture more quickly. The ideal soil, according to experts, will be silt-clay. They also suggested installing a rain gauge in the garden to keep track of the weather.

“A mistake gardeners often make is overwatering. The plant ceases to strive to develop its own root system and seek water in the depths of the earth. Instead, it becomes dependent on the watering can,” the expert added.

At the same time, experts recommend using rainwater from a barrel for irrigation.

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Source: Gazeta


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