Katy Perry left a big tip for the waitress who was arguing with her at the table.

An Australian waitress revealed that Katy Perry left her a large tip after arguing with her at a cafe table. The post writes about it Mirror.

While Orlando Bloom is shooting a new movie in Australia, his wife Katy Perry supports him on set. The other day the singer was seen arguing with a waiter in a cafe.

Australian Indianna Poll, who works as a waitress at a cafe in Port Douglas, took her encounter with Katy Perry on TikTok. According to the girl, at first she did not recognize the singer and quarreled with him because of a table in a cafe. Perry didn’t want to “shine” and came into the cafe in a wide-brimmed hat and oversized sunglasses.

Retelling the story, Indianna said that Katy Perry wanted to sit at a specific table, and that was because there were no tables available and she would have to wait. The singer first argued with the waiter about the lack of space, then thanked the girl for treating him like a “normal person” and leaving a “big tip”.

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