Stylist Lisovets advised schoolgirls to wear translucent dresses for graduation

Stylist Vlad Lisovets told what to wear to the prom. This has been reported NTV.

“Graduation photos will take a long time, you have to be young and fresh in them. Therefore, I recommend long, but not too long dresses made of light, translucent, faded fabrics. Fitted, maybe even with a deep neckline and print. Also, the dress should not be “super evening”, otherwise it will look vulgar,” Vlad Lisovets told NTV reporters.

According to the stylist, plus-size suits can be an alternative to translucent dresses. “You can even try a trousers suit, but not narrow, wide, slightly high-waisted. It will look great with a white tee. In addition, wide arms and broad shoulders are now in fashion,” he said.

As for shoes, the expert recommended choosing between heels and “men’s” boots.

Addressing the graduates, Vlad Lisovets emphasized that one should not be too ambitious about make-up and hair. The same goes for accessories. “A nice bag is enough,” she finished.

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Source: Gazeta


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