Austria says the country is ready to completely shut down gas supplies from Russia

The head of the Austrian Ministry of Energy, Leonore Gewessler, said that the country is ready for all scenarios in the field of fuel imports, including the complete cessation of gas supplies from Russia. This was announced by the Austrian Minister of Energy. excitement.

“We are ready for all scenarios, up to a complete cessation of supply from Russia,” said Gewessler.

According to the minister, Russia’s announcement of a reduction in the volume of gas supply leads to a significant increase in prices and uncertainty throughout Europe. He described Russia’s fuel exports as a tool in the current conflict.

On the eve of TASS with reference to the Ministry of Energy of Russia knowledgeableHe said Gazprom would reduce gas supplies to Austria due to a technical malfunction.

Earlier, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the decrease in gas supplies to some European countries was due to the repair of Siemens turbines used to supply gas to Nord Stream. He stressed that the Russian side unintentionally reduced gas exports to Europe.

Source: Gazeta


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