wooden brick houses of lego type that you can build yourself

Green buildings are on the rise, and wooden houses, straw houses and super adobe houses are becoming more and more fashionable. They are also sustainable techniques that save a lot in heating and cooling. Now a new construction system is emerging on the market. wooden bricks creating a house like a Lego without the need for an expert hand.

Do you want to build your own ecological house or even your passive house, but you do not know what material to use and do not feel in a position to build it? Brikawood is a new concept of wooden bricks that is installed almost like in a game without the need to use glue, nails or screws and also has some features. very superior sound insulation and thermal efficiency properties to other solutions for construction.

In fact, according to the ‘Ecoinventos’ portal, this brick was born with the idea to respond to the construction needs of passive houses, which increasingly demand energy efficient materials to control consumption.

wooden bricks brikawood

That’s why on the portal they say: a house with these bricks consumes no more than 15 kWh per square meter.Among other things, due to energy savings for air conditioning, because houses that choose this material will consume 90% less than buildings built without energy efficiency criteria for this concept.

Brikawood, LEGO type wooden brick houses that you can build yourself

It took ten years of research to bring this brick to market, which would replace traditional building materials. Brikawood is completely recyclable and is a 100% natural product. -“From the beginning to the end of the usage cycle” protects the creators, which consists of four wooden elements assembled in a brick shape and needs nothing more than one assembly to stay stable. less with others.

This video featuring one of the Brikawood-based structures demonstrates the simplicity of the process and the autonomy it allows for construction even by individuals.

In addition to simplifying construction, the technical characteristics of these bricks mean that they have. very high anti-seismic, mechanical, acoustic and thermal properties.

It was exactly the idea that this research started with, always prioritizing very low consumption construction that guarantees insulation and the use of all available energy sources.

With these guarantees, homes built with Brikawood are already spreading from France to Norway, from Canada to the Pacific.

Reference article: https://ecoinventos.com/brikawood/


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