The most popular characters of children’s parties were determined at 11:40

Parents began to seek the services of animators more often to organize children’s parties – during the year the demand increased by one and a half times (+56%). was informed about this by the Avito Services service.

The most active animators booking children’s parties are Moscow (+90%) and St. are parents from St. Petersburg (+72%).

“Cheburashka gained the greatest popularity among Russian children: the demand for performances by artists and life-size puppets of this character increased the most during the year – 5.5 times (+457%). “White Bear, who has been the leader for the second year in absolute number of requests for animator services, has not left his podium,” he reported.

Experts also note that Masha from “Masha and the Bear” is no less popular and this year even surpassed Barbie.

“Another welcome guest is Masha from the cartoon “Masha and the Bear.” Demand for shows increased by 132% during the year. Moreover, Masha is ordered for holidays 5 times more often than Barbie, but interest in the performance of the cult doll has also increased by 137% during the year against the background of the popularity of the movie of the same name.”

According to the service, Fixies lost their positions; demand fell by a third (-31%) during the year.

“The average price per hour of work for animators in November is 1,500 rubles. For this price, players offer a full-fledged entertainment program: games and contests, songs and other activities. Experts concluded that the price may increase if you add a mission with a quest or a superhero battle with a “villain” to the main game program.

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Source: Gazeta


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