Criticism of Monegal: Anger won, young people voted for him, TV supported him

Only La 1 dedicated it a ‘special’ one Elections were held in Argentina this morning, Monday, the 20th. I’m glad you did this. This is what is expected from state television channels. TVE’s news flow is changing for the better. Even though Argentina seems far away from us, what happens there affects us.

Lluís Guilera He was the host of this special, and the Buenos Aires native was among the critics. Martin Caparros. He is a journalist with a long and productive career. Get to know Argentina in depth. know well Mileinow Massa, now Macri, now the Kirchners…, to all the stray Peronism and anti-Peronism, and to all those who flocked around the Casa Rosada with the desire to settle there.

Martín Caparrós masterfully summarized what happened: “This is the victory of anger. Above all, people under the age of 40 voted for Milei.”. For young people who have lived in democracy all their lives, this is a system in which they live badly. So they have no valid reason to defend.” An accurate summary. Nobody knew Javier Milei until the day they invited him to the conference. América TV’s ‘late show’ ‘Loose Animals’. The show’s host, Alejandro Fantino, told TVE’s Buenos Aires correspondent Marcos López months ago: “We were at 5% screen share. We invited Milei and we went up to 12%. From then on, the other channels said: ‘Ché, her. Let’s bring it too.'” The broadcast of the ‘Loose Animals’ program was stopped in December 2022. Recently, Fantino had a final interview with Milei (pictured). There, he described his system’s success on television: “Surrounded by ‘panelists’ (contertulos) who thought differently, I had no choice but to raise the tone.” The raising of his voice consisted of: Acting crazy, shouting, making wild movements, breaking things with a hammer, shouting, insulting, excessive theatricality. And the television networks were delighted, too, because viewership was increasing. Sua Emmittenza already said this years ago Berlusconi: “Give me a television channel and I will be the head of the government.” It was.

Let’s go back to Martín Caparrós on TVE’s La 1 program the other morning: For young Argentinians, democracy is a system in which they live badly, so they have no good reason to defend it. A portrait that is as accurate as it is magnificent. Let’s take notes. All. The first is politicians and those on television.

Source: Informacion


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